Create a New T-Shirt Quilt With the Help of Memory Lane Quilting in Northeast Ohio

Do you love quilts? For centuries, individuals have been creating beautiful quilts as wall hangings as well as functional items to be used in the home. Although quilts are still made today, many individuals don’t have the time or skill it takes to create one. If you’re interested in having a quilt created for your Ashtabula, Ohio residence this season, contact the professionals at Memory Lane Quilting. This Northeast Ohio business specializes in creating unique quilt designs that properly display your favorite t-shirts. If you’re from the Warren, Ohio area and have been considering creating a new t-shirt quilt, let the professionals of Memory Lane Quilting help turn it into a reality. Not only can they create these stylish t-shirt quilts, but memory quilts to remember a loved one who has passed on. With one of these patchwork quilts, you’ll be able to keep the memory of your loved one close to you as a wall decoration or as a functional quilt.

Memory quilts are considered patchwork quilts because of their design using pieces of fabric to complete an overall look. Unlike basic patchwork quilts, memory quilts are created using articles of clothing that have been cut up into smaller pieces. These pieces are then used to form a unique quilt design to create a custom memory quilt for you. Once this quilt is created, you can use it as a functional item or as a wall hanging in your Ashtabula home to preserve the memory of a loved one in your life. Although a memory quilt is a great option, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a fun conversational piece for your home or a better way to preserve a few of your favorite t-shirts, consider investing in a new t-shirt quilt from Memory Lane Quilting.

T-shirt quilts are created using a few of your favorite t-shirts. The more t-shirts you choose to use in your quilt, the larger your quilt will become. If you have a few sports jerseys or t-shirts you can’t fit anymore, consider displaying them in the form of a wall hanging! Memory Lane Quilting in Northeast Ohio can create a quality quilt to display in your sports den or living area using the t-shirts of your choosing! From wall hangings to functional quilts, Memory Lane Quilting can help you create the t-shirt quilt you want for your Warren home.

Even if you don’t chose to create a new t-shirt quilt for yourself, you can always create one for a friend in the Northeast Ohio region. From band t-shirts to sports jerseys, you can create a custom themed t-shirt quilt they won’t soon forget. For a wall hanging, you only need 9 t-shirts! The more t-shirts you chose to use, the larger the quilt will be.  Although t-shirt quilts provide a unique quilt pattern, patchwork quilts are much more traditional. At Memory Lane Quilting, they take this traditional quilting style and turn it onto something memorable with their memory quilts. If you’re from the Ashtabula, Ohio or Warren, Ohio area and would like to create a memory quilt to remember a loved one, contact the professionals at Memory Lane Quilting.  With their help, you’ll be able to have the t-shirt quilt or memory quilt you’ve always wanted. For more information on Memory Lane Quilting’s products and services, visit or call 330.468.2831 today!

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