Copley, Ohio, Peruses Jay’s Auto Sales’ Affordable Fuel-Efficient Cars & Spacious SUV Inventory on Their Website

by Fiona Vernon

Modern technology offers a different experience in buying used cars than in days past. Vehicle history reports can give great insight that buyers never used to have, and pricing guides give an edge in the practice of negotiation. Sellers have also changed how they do business by offering online listings and car loan applications, but buyers sacrifice taking advantage of the knowledge of experienced, local used car dealers who treat their customers like family. When drivers from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Seville, Ohio, trust Jay’s Auto Sales, they get the best of both worlds. They get a compassionate staff who can help them rebuild or establish their credit score, in-house vehicle financing, a comprehensive automotive service department, inventory listed on their website, and current events on their Facebook page. Whether a graduate in Medina, Ohio, needs an affordable fuel-efficient car, or a family in Copley, Ohio, needs a spacious SUV, this buy here pay here dealership gives each vehicle thorough inspections before ever putting it before their customers. Visit Jay’s Auto Sales online, call them at 330.334.1080, or visit them in person to get behind the wheel of high-quality, reliable transportation!

What was it like to buy a car the old-fashioned way? The reputation of traditional car salesman left a bad taste in the mouths of generations of drivers. There was no internet on which shoppers could find details about the vehicle they wanted. They would have to visit each dealer to peruse the brochures and the vehicles in person. They would also either have to accept the price of the vehicle they wanted that was way over manufacturer’s cost or they would have to haggle. This left them open to dealing with arrogant salesman that looked down on others. None of these are issues when drivers from Seville to Medina talk to the helpful, family-oriented staff at Jay’s Auto Sales. They are compassionate because they understand that sometimes unexpected things happen in life. One of the outstanding benefits of working with this local used car dealer is that they offer personal service on top of modern amenities.

They also have all the benefits of vehicles being listed on their website and being able to get started with an online car loan application. They are a buy here pay here dealership who can help whether someone in Copley has bad credit or a graduate in Portage Lakes needs a car and has no credit. Their in-house vehicle financing can help build or establish credit scores with regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments on affordable fuel-efficient cars and spacious SUVs. They are the only vehicle source a driver needs with their comprehensive automotive service department. They not only put each vehicle through a rigorous inspection before deeming it worthy of selling, but they also provide aftercare for each customer that leaves their lot and honor the 1,500 mile, 30-day warranty that accompanies each vehicle. Eight out of ten people who trust this local used car dealer to get them into a new vehicle when they’re down on their luck return to them after their credit has been restored.

Even when someone is having financial difficulties, cars still break down. Jay’s Auto Sales is a buy here pay here dealership with in-house vehicle financing on affordable spacious SUVs and fuel-efficient cars. Drivers from Medina, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, get the best of both worlds with old-fashioned compassionate treatment from this family owned and operated local used car dealer along with the modern way of business with their vehicle inventory being listed on their website and an online car loan application. They can help rebuild someone’s credit score or establish it when a graduate needs a car. They can also keep their clients on the road with their comprehensive automotive service department. Anyone can trust Jay’s Auto Sales for a vehicle that will make them smile every time they walk up to it. Call 330.334.1080 today or visit them online!

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