Changing Furnace Filters and Calling Hey Neighbor Helps Massillon, Ohio, Lower Their Utility Bills

By Fiona Vernon

Mornings are getting colder and everyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, is layering their clothes before they leave the house. Every homeowner wants to come in from the chilly air to a comfy, cozy home. Hey Neighbor can help make that happen with a pre-season furnace tune-up that will keep it running smoothly. This local heating and cooling company not only helps improve a home’s energy efficiency and prevents the most common furnace issues with annual maintenance, but they also provide affordable furnace repair and installation on virtually every name brand in the industry, including Trane furnaces and Honeywell. Their technicians know that each customer’s time is important, so they are as efficient and timely as possible, arriving with a fully stocked truck. Families from Alliance, Ohio, to Wilmot, Ohio, who need an HVAC company to help prepare their homes for fall and winter can rely on the experts at Hey Neighbor to help them lower their utility bills.

There are ways to prevent some of the most common furnace issues, and they are typically attributed to lack of maintenance. One of the things that everyone from Massillon to Alliance can do every one to two months is to change their furnace’s air filter. There are certain criteria as to how often this should happen:

  • Every six to 12 months for a vacation or single person home that contains no pets and the occupant does not have allergies
  • Every 90 days for an average home with no pets
  • Every 60 days for a home with one dog or cat
  • Every 20 to 45 days if there are allergies involved and the home has more than one pet.

The filter collects dust and pet hair that can aggravate allergies, and when it becomes saturated, air cannot flow through it to be filtered. This also restricts the efficiency of the furnace and shortens its life.

There is only so much you can do without the help of a local heating and cooling company. Hey Neighbor has been serving communities from Wilmot to North Canton for over 30 years, providing pre-season furnace tune-ups that thoroughly check its condition to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. This HVAC company sends highly trained technicians when people are preparing their homes for fall and winter. No one wants to wake up to a house that is only 50 degrees because the furnace decided to quit on the coldest day of the year. Hey Neighbor even offers 24-hour emergency service and affordable repair and installation with easy financing on a wide selection of brands — including Trane, Coleman, Daikin, GE, and Heil. Anyone who wants to lower their utility bills this winter by improving their home’s energy efficiency can rely on the services of Hey Neighbor.

Want to prevent the most common furnace issues? Two of the best ways to do so is to change the furnace filter and call Hey Neighbor for a pre-season furnace tune-up. Furnaces will eventually have issues from normal wear and tear, so when that happens, people from Alliance, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, call this local heating and cooling company. Not only do they provide comprehensive furnace maintenance to keep a furnace running smoothly, but they also offer affordable furnace repair and installation on every brand from Trane to GMC. Homeowners looking for a reputable HVAC company to help them lower utility bills by improving their home’s energy efficiency can trust the superior service from Hey Neighbor to help them prepare for frigid temperatures of fall and winter.

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