Buying a Car with Bad Credit is Not a Challenge at Jay’s Auto Sales in Wadsworth, Ohio

When you have less than the best credit, buying a car can be challenging. And it can be worse for people in Akron, Ohio and couples in Medina, Ohio or Barberton, Ohio who consider their credit full-blown bad. By worse we mean intimidating, stressful, and a host of other words that refer to negative feelings. That’s why we want you to know about Jay’s Auto Sales in Wadsworth, Ohio. The used car dealership makes buying a car with bad credit possible and pleasant. Should the word pleasant seem out of place, read on to learn about the process, inventory, and used car warranty that makes it fit.

Since 1986, Jay’s Auto Sales has been providing a unique buying opportunity for people without optimal credit. Properly referred to as the credit challenged, the used car dealership has a business model that makes a way for these folks who sometimes feel stuck. You see, the dealership in Wadsworth offers in-house financing. This affords its sales team greater discretion over who gets approved for a car loan. It also makes same day approval and delivery a common occurrence for people a lot like you.

This ‘buy here pay here’ process is not entirely unique. But what sets it apart is that the team at Jay’s Auto Sales reports to credit bureaus. So in addition to making buying a car with bad credit possible, they also help their customers build and improve their credit. Other used car dealerships extend outlandish offers to the credit challenged that include high interest rates and exclude credit reporting. This is at best a double disservice because it puts additional, unfair strain on buyers and doesn’t help them get past poor credit.

For recent graduates in Akron with no credit, others in Medina with mediocre credit, and couples in Barberton with bad credit, the opportunity to improve is the first exceptional offer from Jay’s Auto Sales. Turn your attention to the impressive inventory of well maintained, fully serviced vehicles, and you will find a range of outstanding offers. Compact cars, family sedans, trucks, work trucks, vans, and SUVs included!

Our reference to the condition of these vehicles is not made in passing. Jay’s Auto Sales has a service department that performs, among other things, safety checks as though they were verifying each vehicle’s fit for their own families. To back that up and further prove their commitment to truly helping their customers, the team at the used car dealership provides a free warranty on every vehicle. That’s right! They make buying a car with bad credit possible, enable buyers to improve their credit, and provide a free used car warranty. And the used car warranty has meat! It’s good for 30 days or 1,500 miles and includes a free loaner if you need it.

Add it all up, and you can easily see why Jay’s Auto Sales has A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Factor in financing for auto repairs that you may need in years to come, and you’ll see why that BBB rating is worthy of the consumer agency’s Gold Star Award. To find out more about what the team at the used car dealership can do for you, go to or call 330.334.1080. Better yet, stop by the dealership and experience how they make buying a car with bad credit possible and pleasant. Bring your family from Akron, Ohio; Barberton, Ohio; or Medina, Ohio with you. With a used car warranty that will leave you worry-free, you’re all sure to enjoy the ride home in your new car!

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