Business and Car Owners Alike in Cleveland, Ohio, Can Call Graphic Accents for the Best Vehicle Wraps

By Fiona Vernon

The sweet days of summer are right around the corner, and what that means to businesses is that people will be on the road more traveling for vacations and simply wanting to get out of the house after a long winter. It’s the perfect opportunity for any business from Parkersburg, West Virginia, to Cleveland, Ohio, to call Graphic Accents for custom vehicle wraps and truck graphics that will attract new customers. It’s also the perfect time for individuals from North Canton, Ohio, to Ashland, Ohio, who are all too aware that they may need stone chip protection after this past year’s harsh weather to call this vehicle wrap shop for vehicle paint protection that can boost their car’s trade-in value when it’s time to turn it in for a new model. This local automotive graphics company has not only been offering professional graphic design for 25 years, but they also provide the most cost-effective advertising with the installation of the best vehicle wraps from 3M and XPEL. Call Graphic Accents today to take advantage of their highly-trained Certified Installers!

No matter the size of or the length of time that a company has been in business, they are always in search of the most cost-effective form of advertising in order to attract new customers from North Canton to Parkersburg. Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) is the standard of measurement for media-related advertising, and studies have shown that mobile media is the most effective and efficient marketing avenue. In the top 100 TV markets, a 30-second prime time ad costs $17.78 per CPM, a 60-second drive time ad costs $8.61 per CPM, and a Billboard ad costs $2.18 per CPM. One of the most pressing issues in advertising is spacing, hence the cost involved. Custom vehicle wraps and truck graphics offer a cost of only $.77 per CPM! Graphics Accents is the perfect local automotive graphics company to assist any company with their professional graphic design. The average American has traveled 302 miles in the past week, giving a business with their logo and a design, created specifically for them, the opportunity to reach commuters on highways, city streets, and parking lots. More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers, and 30% of those viewers indicate that they would base a buying decision on the ad that they have seen. Calling Graphic Accents is the best phone call a business can make!

Not only does this vehicle wrap shop provide 3M Certified Installation of the best vehicle wraps, but they also offer vehicle paint protection for anyone who sees the benefit in boosting their car’s trade-in value with stone chip protection. Paint protection film from Graphic Accents helps protect the finish of any vehicle from Ashland to Cleveland and are installed to fit each vehicle like a glove, helping to keep the original paint job looking fantastic, while considerably reducing bug damage and paint chips. Graphic Accents offers the highest quality film that protects paint on trucks, cars, sports performance vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, jet skis and so much more from harsh conditions. It protects leading box and door edges, door handle inserts, leading hood edges, wheel flares, side mirrors, fenders, front air scoops, fenders, windshield edge molding, and everywhere else that is covered. When it comes to protecting any vehicle, everyone who calls Graphic Accents will be thrilled that they did!

Perhaps a roofing company in Cleveland, Ohio, would like to attract new customers with the most cost-effective advertising, or a sales representative traveling from Parkersburg, West Virginia, to Ashland, Ohio, would like to boost their car’s trade-in value with vehicle paint protection and stone chip protection, Graphic Accents offers the best vehicle wraps with professional graphic design for every purpose. This local automotive graphics company offers truck graphics and custom vehicle wraps that that surpass others with their extensively trained 3M certified installers. Anyone in North Canton, Ohio, and beyond looking for an experienced and knowledgeable vehicle wrap shop with 25 years’ experience will love the superior products and service they find with one phone call to Graphic Accents!

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