Build a Backyard Playground with Swings N Things of Shrewsbury & Northboro, Massachusetts

Are you ready to get outdoors? After months of snow, ice, and perhaps some cabin fever, that question is rhetorical at best! The desire to feel grass amidst sunrays and gentle breezes surely exists in your kids too. They’ve been cooped up in places like Boston, Massachusetts and Worcester, Massachusetts for nearly six months as well. And what better way to reintroduce them to outdoor play than to build a backyard playground? If you need ideas, head to Swings N Things for advice, inspiration, and to buy outdoor play equipment to make it happen! With a location in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and another in Northboro, Massachusetts, there is a swing set store near you!

Before we tell you more, let’s be clear. To dub Swings N Things a swing set store may be a bit of a short sell. Granted you can find cedar and vinyl swing sets in wide variety on its website and in its Shrewsbury and Northboro stores. You can also discover a broad range of outdoor play equipment ideal for a backyard playground befitting your child’s interests. Trampolines and basketball hoops included! Variety is, after all, a leading reason why kids like playgrounds. So, it should definitely be a key component when you build a backyard playground.

According to the experts at the swing set store with more, maintenance and safety should also be considered when you buy outdoor play equipment. When it comes to the cedar swing sets with vinyl accessories like slides and swings they provide, these benefits are included. As cedar and vinyl are each highly durable materials that are made to last, maintenance largely consists of an annual coat of stain and periodic washing with a garden hose. This sets the stage for a safe environment by blocking mold and mildew while averting splintering and combating germs.

And it’s only fair to remind you that you can’t control any of the above when your child plays on public playgrounds to include those at parks and schools. Whether they’re located in Boston, Worcester, or elsewhere in the world, the maintenance and upkeep of public playgrounds is out of your hands. While that may sound like less work than you will have once you build a background playground, it should also hint at more worry. Worry of accidents from loose connections or damaged components and of illness from salmonella, hepatitis A, E.coli, and other bacteria and germs found on public playgrounds.

With your child’s personal outdoor wonderland in place, you will know that they are safe, happy, and healthy. Weekends in Boston, Massachusetts like birthdays in Worcester, Massachusetts will undoubtedly be better! To see some of the items you can use to build a backyard playground, go to You can also buy outdoor play equipment online and feel free to call 508.754.9399 with questions. If you would prefer expert input on pairing items or choosing things that will grow with your child, head to the swing set store nearest you. The knowledgeable staff is ready to help, and they can arrange delivery and set up if you like!

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