AxessPointe Community Health Centers Helps Akron, Ohio, with Tips to Staying Healthy in the Cold Weather

By Fiona Vernon

Harsh temperatures not only pose problems, such as frostbite and hypothermia, to those who remain exposed to the air, but it also can increase the risk of heart problems, depression, and the spread of illnesses. Winter illness can be an even bigger problem this year with the coronavirus pandemic. Whether an individual in Akron, Ohio, is looking for tips on how to stay healthy in cold weather or another in Brimfield, Ohio, needs help managing their medications, AxessPointe provides affordable medical care from doctors that take Medicaid, Medicare, and people with no insurance. They even have a reduced-rate pharmacy and offer a sliding-fee scale to uninsured and underinsured patients who qualify. This community health center not only has set schedules for COVID-19 testing, but they also give flu shots to everyone over the age of six months. People from Lakemore, Ohio, to Norton, Ohio, who need medical help to remain healthy this winter will love the doctor visits over the phone, even mental health appointments, they can take advantage of at AxessPointe Community Health Centers.

The extreme temperatures of the approaching months can be hazardous to anyone’s health, whether someone is staying in an apartment that is not sufficiently heated or they must be outdoors for their job. It can also be hard on a person’s mental state. Perhaps someone in Brimfield is feeling sad or anxious and could use the assistance of a mental health appointment to get them through a rough patch or someone else in Lakemore has been neglecting the regularity of their medication because they are depressed. AxessPointe caters to anyone in the community with doctor visits over the phone and medication management from their reduced-rate pharmacies. They can also offer tips to help people stay healthy in cold weather that include:

  • Wash hands frequently to prevent bacteria from spreading.
  • Receive a flu vaccine and any others that are recommended for them by their doctor.
  • Stay warm and dry.
  • Engage in 30 minutes of activity each day.
  • Pay attention to nutrition with a balanced diet that has fruits and veggies.
  • Talk with a behavioral health professional, if necessary.
  • Make sure regular check-ups are current.

AxessPointe provides an impressive array of affordable medical care that goes above and beyond what people would expect of a community health center. They not only offer a multi-lingual approach with qualified interpreting system that are trained in Spanish, Nepali, sign language, and so many others, but they make it easy for anyone from Norton to Akron to get the necessary care with doctors who take Medicare, Medicaid, and even those with no insurance. Even with coverage, some people still cannot afford medical care, but AxessPointe helps alleviate that burden by offering a sliding-fee scale based on family size and income level. They are also focused on prevention with COVID-19 testing, and they recommend a flu shot for everyone who is over six months of age. Call 888.975.9188 today for an appointment.

Knowing how to stay mentally and physically healthy during the harsh winter months that occur from Lakemore, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, is essential. AxessPointe can help improve someone’s mentality with a variety of tips for staying healthy in the cold weather. This community health center provides affordable medical care, like mental health appointments, and open communication with the pharmacists at their reduced-rate pharmacy. They also offer preventive care with COVID-19 testing and flu shots. They can help someone manage their medications, as well as keep them safe at home while receiving the required multi-lingual medical care with doctor visits over the phone. There is no need for patients from Norton, Ohio, to Brimfield, Ohio, to worry about the cost, since each of the five locations of this community health center has doctors who take patients with no insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Anyone can call AxessPointe to get on the schedule and to see if they qualify for a sliding-fee scale. People do not have to let income be a barrier to receiving the care that they need when they can visit the compassionate medical professionals at AxessPointe Community Health Centers.
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