AxessPointe Community Health Center Has Doctors that Take Medicare & Visit Over the Phone to East Akron, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

The details of Medicare can be confusing, especially when someone is reviewing their options for the first time. Whether an individual in East Akron, Ohio, is registering for disability or a retiree in Wadsworth, Ohio, is looking into it for the first time, AxessPointe provides help with healthcare open enrollment forms. Additionally, this community health center offers a wide range of other services that include women’s, children’s, dental, and mental health appointments, flu shots, COVID-19 testing, and a reduced-rate pharmacy with medication management for those who need help either organizing or scheduling when to take their pills. Their doctors are happy to schedule visits over the phone and all of them take Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurances, and cater to those who are under- or uninsured with a sliding-fee scale. For patients from Tallmadge, Ohio, to Copley, Ohio, AxessPointe believes that affordable medical care is a basic human right, and it shows in everything that they do. view the process of growing older as a transition into a more peaceful part of their lives, having gone through numerous joys and heartbreaks that gave them wisdom to share with younger generations. Society does not always make this transition an easy process, but AxessPointe can help those who are struggling to find affordable medical care or help review Medicare options for healthcare open enrollment forms. This community health center caters to the needs of the elderly from Wadsworth to Tallmadge by staying current on the latest in technology and high-quality treatments. They recognize that balance can be an issue in the elderly and have posted articles on balance training. They have witnessed unintentional weight loss even without a medical cause and can offer advice on nutrition so that their patients can remain independent. Depression is also common, especially during the pandemic because it has kept people isolated for months, and AxessPointe offers visits over the phone for mental health appointments so that you can stay safe in your own home while receiving the treatment you need to remain healthy.

As people age, prescription medications can help keep their bodies balanced, from cholesterol medications to inhalers for asthma. AxessPointe does their best to make medication management as easy as possible. The reduced-rate pharmacies have direct contact with the doctors and nurse practitioners, ensuring that each patient from Copley to East Akron is on the safest and most cost-effective drug. This community health center also has a specialty pharmacy for medications that require more frequent monitoring. They also offer a unique service to make sure that each person is getting the most benefit from their medications as the combination gets more complicated. Pharmacists will consult with them on their prescriptions, supplements, and over-the-counter medicines so that they can better manage chronic conditions, such as COPD, pain, and diabetes. Countless numbers need a doctor that offers a sliding-fee scale because they have no insurance. Anyone on Medicare, Medicaid, or those uninsured who need a range of services, from women’s health treatment to COVID-19 testing and flu shots, can rely on the providers at AxessPointe to treat them.

Medicare is a generous benefit offered to those over 65, as well as people who rely on it because they cannot work and are on disability, helping billions live a functional life. AxessPointe helps with healthcare open enrollment forms on top of the affordable medical care that they offer, including women’s and mental health appointments. This community health center has providers who take Medicare in addition to most commercial insurances and Medicaid. This community health center will also help those who are uninsured with a sliding-fee scale based on family size and income. For patients from Tallmadge, Ohio, to East Akron, Ohio, who have a difficult time managing medications for their chronic illnesses, the reduced-rate and specialty pharmacies can be of benefit. People can check out our COVID-19 testing schedule if you are at risk. Individuals from Copley, Ohio, to Wadsworth, Ohio, can rely on AxessPointe for everything from visits over the phone and flu shots to reviewing Medicare options with one phone call to 888.975.9188!
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