Anyone in Akron, Ohio, Planning Fall Home Improvements Can Find Wooden Window and Door Trim at Windy Hill Hardwoods

By Fiona Vernon

School shopping and the approaching fall weather are on the minds of many people in and around Akron, Ohio, and Alliance, Ohio. Very soon homeowners will be contemplating the best fall home improvements they will need to adequately prepare their home for the upcoming winter months. The biggest goal while preparing a house for winter is to save on utility bills and energy costs by reducing the potential for cold air leaking in and insulating so that warm air doesn’t leak out. Two of the best ways to prevent interior temperature fluctuations is by making sure the home has energy-efficient windows and doors. After someone has replaced their windows and doors, they can visit Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton, Ohio, for wooden door and window trim in any style to create a new décor or match an existing one.  Windy Hill Hardwoods not only carries a wide variety of wooden trim, but also manufactures any interior wood products one may need for home renovations — like stairs, cabinets, vanities, and flooring! Anyone can take the short drive from Massillon, Ohio, and beyond to take advantage of the decades of knowledge from this wooden trim warehouse.

A homeowner in Alliance may remember when their utility bills were higher than expected last winter, and they vowed to look into new windows and doors before the next winter. Well, the summer has almost passed and it’s time to schedule that new window installation. It is a costly expense, but well worth it in the long run with the money that will be saved on utility bills. Windy Hill Hardwoods can make this process a little easier on one’s wallet with a visit to their wooden trim warehouse. After the professionals have installed the windows, a handy individual in Akron can procure the necessary wooden window trim to match the other décor already in place or even to create an entirely new look. Insulated, energy-efficient windows keep warm air on the inside, and finishing them off with the high-quality interior wood products from Windy Hill Hardwoods makes the project aesthetically complete.

The other fall home improvement that helps insulate a home and keep the appropriate temperature air where it is supposed to be is to replace exterior doors with modern, energy-efficient ones.  If a home in Massillon still contains older doors, the investment into replacing them with newer doors will make up for itself quickly in the savings on utility bills. Modern doors can not only insulate and prevent air leakage, but can also contribute to a whole new décor with the many options available, from modern to traditional with raised panels or etched glass. After the doors have been hung, wooden door trim can be found at the wooden trim warehouse of Windy Hill Hardwoods, regardless of the type of wood or style for which the homeowner is searching. Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton had its beginning almost 30 years ago with one man using his barn to cut and mill oak trim for local homeowners. His clients respected his customer service, quality products, and unbeatable prices, and as the word spread, his reputation grew to unprecedented heights.

Many homeowners from Massillon, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, have started thinking about fall home improvements to prepare their homes for the upcoming winter. Investing in new windows and doors seems like a daunting task, but can make so much difference in the amount of money one can save on their utility bills. With it being a higher initial cost, one can help their pocketbook by visiting Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton, Ohio, for an impressive selection of woods and styles of wooden window and door trim. The creative and enjoyable part comes when any homeowner in and around Alliance, Ohio, visits the wooden trim warehouse to choose from the vast array of products on display. They may even discover that they can afford to plan a couple of winter projects during the visit, since the interior wood products offered by Windy Hill Hardwoods cover every need of a homeowner!

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