Anyone from Parma, Ohio, Will Discover a Unique Weekend Activity for a Fun Night Out at Trapped! Escape Room

By Fiona Vernon

Being entertained and finding things to look forward to is rather easy as a child. They are entertained by most things, since everything is a new discovery. As they grow into teenagers and adults, it’s harder to create new experiences, so they are constantly looking for unique ways to enjoy their recreational time. Over the past few years, a thoroughly compelling indoor, adventure game has been increasing in popularity throughout the world, and anyone from Lakewood, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, can find a wide selection of themes from which to choose at one of the four locations of Trapped! Escape Room. What exactly is an escape room? This unique weekend activity is a group game in which a certain number of participants have either 30 or 60 minutes in which to use problem-solving skills to unravel a series of puzzles, clues, hints, and strategy to metaphorically unlock the door and escape a sad fate. Trapped! Escape Room is perfect for friends, students, families, and businesses, because each participant must be involved and communicate their findings to produce a solution. Anyone from Parma, Ohio, to Beachwood, Ohio, looking for a fun night out or team building experience can book one of the 16 themed escape room challenges at Trapped! Escape Room’s website.

What is an escape room? Anyone from Beachwood to Mentor can imagine being transported to a variety of situations, from a jail cell to a pirate tavern, and participating in the search for clues, while using problem-solving skills and teamwork to find the key to the door. It’s amazingly effective as a team building experience for families and businesses alike; additionally, it lends to strengthening relationships and trust as everyone must rely upon each other. When the experience begins at Trapped! Escape Room, the Game Master will take about 10 minutes to explain the room’s theme, then allow the 60 minutes to play the game, except for the 30 minutes in Dark Room. Each room has a theme associated with it, and the clues and puzzles generally follow the theme, from space travel to saving the world from vampires. When undertaking this adventure game, there may be a hidden object that needs found as the first clue. It may be a piece of paper with a math problem on it that results in the combination to the safe in the room. Upon opening the safe, participants may discover a riddle involving pattern recognition or spatial reasoning that reveals the location of the next clue. This continues until the solution of the final puzzle reveals the key that unlocks the door. The clues will likely be found in random order, so the challenge is in not only in solving them, but also in deciding upon their proper order. The rooms only give the illusion of being locked for a realistic experience, but participants are welcome to leave as they deem necessary. The Game Master is always available and monitoring the indoor gaming room and will offer up to three clues to assist in succeeding in the game.

Each room varies in the number of participants that are most effective, its solve rate, and how long the group game allows for it to be solved, usually two to 10 people for 60 minutes. People won’t always solve the escape room challenge, and part of the fun of this unique weekend activity is returning to finally beat a room or one of the 16 rooms that are offered. Apocalypse is one of the themes offered at Trapped! Escape Room, where the group is faced with a biological product that’s been released in a science lab. Someone must go into the lab to prevent a pandemic of devastating proportions, determine the cause of the outbreak, and contain it before the final lockdown commences. Another theme, Chaotic Classroom, portrays someone in danger of failing fourth grade because of their lack of effort and poor performance on group projects. The teacher is giving an opportunity for extra credit, so the group must solve the clues with enough knowledge to advance to the fifth grade. Most of the rooms are appropriate for all ages; however, a theme presents itself occasionally that may be too scary for younger children, and this can be found in Chainsaw. The participants are placed in a situation where they have been taken and held in a dark and unknown location where they can only hear the grinding of the captor’s chainsaw getting closer. Participants must solve the puzzles to escape becoming victims of the murderous villain. Anyone from Lakewood to Parma looking for a fun night out will appreciate the variety and adventure involved in every storyline at Trapped! Escape Room!

Whether it’s a group of friends in Lakewood, Ohio, looking for a fun night out or someone in Mentor, Ohio, searching for a unique weekend activity for their date, booking one of the escape room challenges at Trapped! Escape Room provides the entertainment and the anticipation of an amazing time. People from Beachwood, Ohio, to Parma, Ohio, who have never experienced this adventure game may be curious as to what an escape room really entails. It is indoor group gaming that requires the use of every participant’s problem-solving skills to assemble the answers to riddles, puzzles, and clues with an intent to find the key and escape the room. Escape room enthusiasts can attest to becoming slightly addicted to trying new themes and figuring out new clues for an exciting escape from reality at Trapped! Escape Room!
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