Any Homeowner in Columbus, Ohio, can Enjoy Their Silca System Natural Stone Deck in the Winter

By Fiona Vernon

Part of the glory of all the hard work that homeowners from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Columbus, Ohio, put into improving their outdoor living space is the ability to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible. Warmer environments allow more people to enjoy their deck in the winter, but it is possible even in Detroit, Michigan, or Minneapolis, Minnesota. Whether someone has a traditional wooden deck or used Silca System to transform their wooden deck to a stone deck, they are going to want to know what the best way is to clear snow from and how to stay warm on a deck when the temperatures drop. Many homeowners who are looking for a low-maintenance natural stone deck have discovered the benefits of using Silca System grates to effectively expand their decorative options and save themselves time and money on annual staining and power washing. Anyone can have a beautiful, useful deck all year long with a few outdoor alterations!

Elevated deck in progress with stone pavers using Silca System

Maybe someone in Columbus is an outdoor person and had wanted a low-maintenance natural stone deck. They had taken advantage of Silca System grates to transform their wooden deck to stone deck this past summer and can’t bear the thought of not enjoying it throughout the entire winter. After installing Silca System’s super-strong subfloor that is capable of sustaining heavy flooring materials, the homeowner had hundreds of pavers to contemplate — including porcelain pavers, brick, travertine, slate, marble, granite, and any natural stone. He decided on a porcelain paver deck and drove his family crazy attempting to figure out the most effective way to be able to enjoy his deck this winter when it’s snowy and 20 degrees outside. Preparing to be outside from Minneapolis to Detroit when it’s cold can be done extravagantly or simply. One of the first steps is knowing what the best way is to clear snow and ice from a deck. Using a broom is best, but a plastic snow shovel will prevent any damage to the deck surface, especially if it’s wood or composite decking. If those methods are not effective, then ice melter that is labeled safe for flagstone or concrete can be used. Sand will only mar a deck’s surface, where ice melter is easily swept off once the ice has melted.

The next step is to learn how to stay warm on a deck when it’s chillier than is comfortable in Milwaukee. A simple outdoor heat source, such as a patio heater, fire pit, or fireplace are the most popular options. Silca System offers the safety of natural stone, which is not flammable and, can be used with a patio heater or fire pit, and can provide a stone surface next to an outdoor fireplace. These are perfect ways to enjoy morning coffee on the deck or dinner with friends on a cold winter evening. A hot tub is an addition that will help create warmth, whether being in it or having it heat the area if there is deck covering. People who like to grill can also take advantage of the area to continue their outdoor cooking in the winter. Since heat rises, a roof, awning, or tarp would trap in the heat, since coverings of any type lead to less shoveling and warmer temperatures, no matter the source. While improving one’s outdoor living space, adding an aesthetic element is essential for complete enjoyment. The placement of artificial flowers or plants lends to a feeling of coziness, as well as holiday or snowflake lights along railings and trees adding a festive atmosphere. It’s fun to use one’s imagination and think outside the box for winter relaxation!

Homeowners from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who have been looking for a low-maintenance natural stone deck instead of power washing again before the snow falls still have enough time to use Silca System grates to transform their wooden deck to a stone deck. Any individual from Detroit, Michigan, to Columbus, Ohio, can enjoy their deck in the winter after improving their outdoor living space by making a few effortless adjustments. Homeowners figuring out what’s best to clear snow from a deck will learn that a broom, plastic shovel, or ice melter will prevent any damage from occurring. Learning how to stay warm is possible with a heat source and deck covering that retains the warmer temperatures. Adding décor will take anyone’s enjoyment to the next level and allow a coziness to surround the area even when it’s only 10 degrees outside. Sipping on coffee and watching big snowflakes fall is something to put on anyone’s bucket list.

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