Akron, Ohio Natives Can Obtain Wedding Videography from Fraley Memory Productions

By Gemma Chriss

Nearly every couple has photos taken of their nuptials, but some take it a step further by hiring a company to provide professional video services as well. Wedding videography has grown in popularity over recent years as it allows couples to relive their special day over and over again. Those who are interested in having their very own wedding DVD made can enlist the help of Fraley Memory Productions—a team that has worked with countless couples throughout the North Canton, Ohio; Green, Ohio; and Akron, Ohio areas. Though this local photographer/videographer is best known for creating beautiful, static images that couples can treasure forever, Fraley has also proven to be extremely skilled when it comes to wedding video production.

Those who want additional information about wedding videography are encouraged to reach out to Fraley Memory Productions in order to schedule a meeting. These complimentary consultations usually last about an hour, giving the team the opportunity to meet with potential clients and discover what it is the couple is looking for in a wedding DVD. It’s important to note that not every couple desires the same thing from their local photographer/videographer. While some may just want the highlights, others may want to have the festivities covered in their entirety. Fraley Memory Productions works one-on-one with clients to ensure they’re happy with the finished product. Though each wedding videography package from Fraley includes the full ceremony and main reception events, add-ons are available for more coverage. Clients are also offered the choice of one or two camera angles.

Since this local photographer/videographer has been offering professional video services to residents throughout Akron, North Canton, and Green for years, Fraley has become adept at creating high-quality wedding DVDs that couples can cherish for a lifetime. When it comes to wedding video production, clients can have as much or as little input as they want. The basic format is the same for all DVDs, with an interactive menu and several chapters that can be watched individually. Clients are free to choose the music for their video; however, most leave it up to Fraley’s creative team.

This local photographer/videographer is happy to describe their professional video services in greater detail to those who are interested in seeing their nuptials on film. Individuals throughout Green, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; and beyond can contact Fraley Memory Productions directly at 330.703.9228 or 330.608.5865 to schedule a free wedding videography consultation. Additional information about wedding video production can be found online at www.fraleymemoryproductions.com, as well as testimonials from those who have received a wonderful wedding DVD from Fraley in the past.

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