Affordable Energy Efficient Windows by First Glass is one of the Best Ways to Use a Tax Refund in Aurora, Ohio

by Fiona Vernon

It may be that time of year that most people fight the desire to hibernate instead of managing daily responsibilities, but it’s also one of the most exciting times of year with tax refunds on the horizon. Debating how to spend the average refund of about $3,000 can help motivate homeowners from Mantua, Ohio, to Aurora, Ohio, to compile a list of projects that they would like to accomplish. Investing in home improvements is one of the best ways to use a tax refund. Calling First Glass Window and Door can even help improve a home’s energy efficiency to prevent high utility bills. This local window company has over 30 years’ experience in affordable energy efficient window and door replacements and new installations. Whether a home in Munroe Falls, Ohio, needs to improve their curb appeal or home security or another home in Stow, Ohio, wants to increase their natural lighting or stop drafty windows, First Glass offers all the benefits of new windows and doors. Visit their website for a free estimate or call 234.706.5094.

Every spring, millions of homeowners from Aurora to Munroe Falls deliberate the best ways to use their tax refunds. Should they save it for emergencies, take a vacation, donate a portion of it, add to their retirement fund, buy a car, or invest in upgrades to their living space? Every situation is different, but First Glass Window and Door has the expertise to help each client determine the best move for them. One of the benefits of new windows and doors is when there is a need to stop drafty windows. Unwanted air drafts make a furnace work harder than necessary. It’s easy to prevent spending extra money on unnecessary heating system repairs, a replacement when its lifespan is shortened, or high utility bills with one phone call to this local window company for affordable energy efficient door or window installation.

Perhaps someone in Stow is contemplating putting their home on the market this spring so that they can accommodate their growing family. Residential window replacement from First Glass not only helps them improve their home’s energy efficiency but also their curb appeal and property value. Maybe a family in Mantua simply wants to increase the amount of natural lighting that enters their home. A bow or bay window may do the trick or even a well-placed custom arched window in the family room. So many options exist.

Additionally, this local window and door company also helps improve a home’s security with affordable door replacement. Door options in fiberglass, steel, wood, and more can be chosen to match the décor, while being low maintenance and creating a safer environment for the family. First Glass even makes the process easier on their clients’ wallets with financing options. Depending on the climate and the material from which they’re made, the lifespan range for home windows can be 15 to 30 years and for doors, it varies even more. Pine doors may need to be replaced after 20 years, whereas a well-maintained steel door can last up to 100 years.

One thing is certain…everything needs to be maintained and replaced when it no longer protects a family. When the time comes, homeowners from Munroe Falls, Ohio, to Mantua, Ohio, want a trustworthy local window company with experience. First Glass offers affordable energy efficient residential window and door installation and replacement that improves home security, curb appeal, and natural lighting. It only takes one phone call to receive the benefits of new windows and doors with financing options. Homeowners from Stow, Ohio, to Aurora, Ohio, trust First Glass Window and Door to help them prevent high utility bills by stopping drafty windows, and it’s one of the best ways to use a tax refund. Call 234.706.5094 today to get on the schedule for a free estimate.

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