The Color Specialists at Scott Talbot Salonspa Excel at Hair Color Corrections in Akron, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Spring is a transitional season, leading North Canton, Ohio; Green, Ohio; and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, into hot summer days. Scott Talbot Salonspa notices many individuals wanting to transform their hair color corresponding to the upcoming season. In the spring, individuals that are looking for professional hair lightening can call this experienced and progressive local hair salon for a hair color consultation with a color specialist. Professional hair coloring is an art that has been perfected by hair stylists through education and continued experience, so attempting to lighten black hair at home may result in the need for hair color correction from a professional. Scott Talbot Salonspa in Canton and Akron, Ohio, explains what someone can expect from a top-notch hair stylist when wanting to drastically lighten their hair. Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for women to change their hair color; however, summer is the season that is harshest on the hair, too. Scott Talbot Salonspa can further explain what products can help keep someone’s color-treated hair in the healthiest condition possible.

Many people will notice an impressive hairstyle on their favorite celebrity and request that style or color if they have been looking for a change in their appearance anyway; however, many individuals are not aware of all that is involved in their specific request. Some people might be looking to lighten black hair and need to know the process that is involved with this drastic color change. Scott Talbot Salonspa offers hair color consultations with color specialists with the idea of avoiding an emergency call later for hair color correction due to a mistake being made at home. Professional hair lightening and coloring is highly recommended due to the simple fact that hair stylists go through years of training and have more experience regarding how to keep hair the healthiest. Scott Talbot Salonspa also offers an annual Color Correction Class for their hair stylists — a six-hour comprehensive course on the color theory of hairdressing that includes hands-on experience.

Hair color consultations are extremely important so that the color specialist can assess what process and products are necessary to best obtain healthy, silky hair during lightening and coloring. In the course of the discussion, a client ought to be prepared to divulge a great deal of information about the history of their hair. The process of the hair color correction will differ depending on several factors, including one’s hair texture and condition, if there is dye currently in the hair, and how much gray is present. Some people feel awkward presenting pictures of ideas they found when researching what changes they wanted to make to their hair but definitely must not! Each person’s perception of hair color and style can vary greatly, and pictures accurately portray exactly what the client wants the end result to be. The hair stylists at this local hair salon near Cuyahoga Falls, Akron, and Green understand how the chemicals in hair color work and will utilize the client’s information to formulate a plan. Depending on the severity of the change desired, the process can be quite expensive and time-consuming. For example, if a customer comes in wanting to lighten their black hair to blonde or silver ombre, it may be a four to six-hour procedure that occurs two to three times over a span of time. The reason behind this is due to the fact that the more drastic the lightening, the more damage occurs to the hair. Bleach not only removes the color of the hair but destroys the hair’s integrity, making the hair more porous. The hair will then need time and the appropriate product to counteract the damage caused in the process. After the information is discussed, the color specialist and client must come to an agreement so that the client is aware of the exact process that must take place to achieve the results they desire. Top-notch hair stylists at Scott Talbot Salonspa may present the plan in writing and have the patron sign it stating that they are aware of the entirety of the plan.

The products used in the process of professional hair lightening and coloring make an extremely important contribution to achieving healthy hair. The hair stylists at Scott Talbot Salonspa create their hair color correction plan according to their knowledge on the high-quality products that are used. This local hair salon has a remarkable add-on to the hair dye called pH bonder that helps keep hair nourished when being lightened and bleached. Once the customer leaves the salon with their highlighted and silky hair, the responsibility of maintaining their healthy hair becomes theirs. The best way to do this is investing in the professional products suggested by their color specialist.

Hair stylists are not attempting to increase a client’s bill but rather to have the hair the customer invested so much time and money in retain its color and strength. They will recommend products based on the process they laid out in the hair color consultation. Not only does the product help the client’s hair maintain its beauty but it helps support the hair stylist and local hair salon. Some people are under the false impression that they can buy professional hair products at large chains or specialty stores at a cheaper price. The professional shampoos, conditioners, and styling product that chain stores carry is called diverted product and is oftentimes higher in price than at the salon, where they buy directly from the manufacturer. Consumers also never know what they will get with the diverted product, since it may be in storage for countless months in varying temperatures, ruining the integrity of the product. Scott Talbot Salonspa uses and recommends Redken, Pureology, and Moroccan Oil products. Redken is committed to producing a scientifically superior professional product. Pureology is incredibly concentrated so it lasts much longer and is extremely cost effective. Moroccan Oil is an antioxidant infused and nutrient rich formula with a vast array of products that that can cater to the needs of coarse, curly, fine or oily hair.

Whether an individual in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, attempts to lighten their black hair at home and needs a color specialist for a hair color correction or is simply looking for a change with the season, Scott Talbot Salonspa has two locations that will facilitate their wishes. Individuals will be comfortable with the hair stylists at this local hair salon near North Canton, Ohio, when they realize how knowledgeable the color specialists are after a hair color consultation. They will understand the process necessary to achieve their desired results and what products will best maintain their hair’s vibrancy. Individuals from Green, Ohio, and beyond can take advantage of the professional hair lightening and coloring at which Scott Talbot Salonspa excels.

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