Call Fraley Memory Productions for Affordable Indoor and Outdoor Senior Pictures Throughout Stark County, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Parents and seniors throughout North Canton, Ohio, and Stark County, Ohio, are long past spring break and headed into the last few weeks of high school! Colleges and future endeavors have been lined up after a year or more of testing, filling out applications, and waiting for replies. With all the anticipation surrounding graduation, the smallest details can easily be overlooked. Parents may realize at the last moment they are missing a keepsake of their child hitting this milestone in life. Fraley Memory Productions near Hudson, Ohio, and Kent, Ohio, are affordable professional photographers that specialize in senior photography packages that include pictures for graduation announcements. While there is still plenty of time to call for 2017 senior pictures, some parents choose to do the majority of planning at the end of junior year. They prefer to reserve halls for parties and book school photo sessions for their kids the summer before their senior year. Fraley knows that these pictures are a lasting memory signifying the considerable move from adolescence to adulthood and are happy to accommodate the different locations people may request by offering indoor and outdoor senior pictures. These professional photographers also realize that the high school years are a significant time when teenagers grow into who they will become as adults, so they welcome elements that represent the personality of the graduate — senior sports photos and pictures with pets or musical instruments are just a few examples. One conversation with Fraley Memory Productions can demonstrate how they strive to make photography and videography affordable for the average household.

A parent in North Canton or Hudson may have started to prepare invitations for their child’s high school graduation party when they realized they did not have a senior picture to put into the envelope. Individuals need not panic because a quick phone call to Fraley Memory Productions can result in a school photo session for outdoor and indoor senior pictures that include pictures for graduation announcements. Parents will find there is still plenty of time to go to Fraley’s website and view the senior photography packages. These affordable professional photographers know that graduation is an expensive time in a teen parent’s life with prom, cap and gown, a graduation party, college tuition, and the stocking of a dorm room. It is also an emotional time with their beloved child going off into the world from which they have tried their whole lives to protect. Fraley recognizes the financial strain of raising children so offers senior photography packages that fit a wide variety of budgets.

Other parents throughout Stark County and Kent may have their high school juniors heading into summer and want the expense of school photo sessions marked off their budget. Personalities of teenagers progress rapidly through their high school years, and senior photos should reflect that development. Whether a child has been involved with 4-H and wants their horse in their photo or another has a cherished cat or dog from their childhood they want included, these affordable professional photographers know when outdoor or indoor senior pictures would best suit the props involved. Many kids graduating have been involved with extracurricular activities and would like senior sports photos. Fraley can accommodate many wishes, making the process of the photo shoot stress-free and fun.

Whether a parent in and around Stark County, Ohio, is looking for last-minute 2017 school photo sessions or organizing events around a 2018 high school graduation, Fraley Memory Productions offers a vast array of senior photography packages. They supply the pictures for graduation announcements that can be placed in invitations to display a parent’s pride in their child’s achievements. Individuals in North Canton, Ohio, and Kent, Ohio, can trust this affordable professional photographer for outdoor and indoor senior pictures that will match each graduate’s disposition. Whether someone wants senior sports photos to show their enjoyment of their baseball or football careers in Hudson, Ohio, or photos that display one’s happiness with a pet or high school musical experience, Fraley’s has the experience to portray every memory in a loving aspect.

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