MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance near Green, Ohio Offers a Fun and Unique After-School Activity

As a parent, you know how difficult it can be to find a suitable after-school activity for your child. And if your little one has no interest in joining a sport or playing an instrument, it can be downright frustrating! However, if your child simply wants to participate in a more unique activity, you may want to consider enrolling them in dance classes from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance. Just a short drive away from the Kent, Ohio and Tallmadge, Ohio areas, this local dance studio provides students with a wonderful opportunity to exercise, make new friends, learn about traditional Irish dance, and even explore their own Irish heritage! The Irish dance instructors at this Green, Ohio area establishment are experts at making their classes both fun and informative, so children pick up new skills while having a great time. And the fact that MacConmara Academy offers affordable dance lessons to their students…well, every parent can appreciate that!

Many parents choose to enroll their children in dance classes at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance because of the experienced Irish dance instructors who work at this facility. Nearly all of the talented teachers at this Green area dance studio have danced professionally, making them more than qualified to show your own child how to kick, step, turn, and twirl like a traditional céilí dancer! The fact that so many of MacConmara’s students have gone on to participate in regional, national, and global championships is a testament to how effective the school’s program truly is. Plus, those with Irish heritage who are enrolled at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance have the opportunity to learn more about the culture. The Irish dance instructors at MacConmara make sure that their dance classes are very well-rounded, providing brief history lessons on music and dance as well as showing students the steps.

As participating in Irish dance is a little more interesting than simply taking ballet or jazz classes, it may prove to be the perfect after-school activity for your little one. But though your child will undoubtedly be excited by the prospect of learning new skills that come from another country, there are a number of reasons why you’ll be impressed with MacConmara Academy as well. For instance, this local dance studio is just minutes from Kent and Tallmadge, making it a very convenient option for those in the Summit County area. Plus, MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance strives to offer affordable dance lessons to everyone who has an interest in learning this art form. Since dance can be an expensive activity, you’ll appreciate that MacConmara’s staff keeps their prices so reasonable. And to top it all off, both of MacConmara’s studios are clean, spacious, and fully equipped, giving students a safe place to practice their craft.

As far as after-school activities go, enrolling your child in dance classes from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance is an excellent choice. So, if your child is interested in learning from the Irish dance instructors at this Green, Ohio area dance studio, why not take a few moments to learn more about the affordable dance lessons from MacConmara? Visit their website at, or call 330.608.6959 if you have any questions. You can also see both of their spaces in person by taking the short trip from your Kent, Ohio or Tallmadge, Ohio home.

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