Yoder Service & Supply near Minerva, Ohio Offers a Large Selection of Carbide Drill Bits and More

If you are in a profession which entails concrete drilling and cutting, you know how important it is to have the right equipment available. Such tough material won’t be affected by a metal saw blade or regular wood bit, and you can actually end up doing more damage to the tools, the concrete, and yourself. Fortunately, Yoder Service & Supply, conveniently located near Minerva, Ohio, has a wide assortment of carbide drill bits and other concrete cutting tools. Whenever you find yourself in need of new tools, Yoder Service & Supply should be the first place you visit. With Makita, Grip Rite and Diteq diamond blades, along with Hitachi and Pactool fiber cement blades, it’s obvious that this local establishment has made high-quality construction tools their specialty. Why not take the trip from your Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio work facility to Yoder Service & Supply to see what else they can offer?

Now, every construction worker knows that tools vary depending on the project they’re working on. So, it’s very convenient that Yoder Service & Supply offers Makita, Grip Rite, and Diteq diamond blades in a variety of sizes. Whether you need 4”, 4 ½”, or 5” for cutting stone, brick, or block with a grinder saw, Yoder Service & Supply has the blade you need. Plus, they also offer 7”, 10”, 12”, and 14” diamond blades for concrete, stone, brick, block, or tile cutting. This establishment, just a short distance from Minerva, can provide you with the blade you need no matter what the application may be.

On top of diamond blades, Yoder Service & Supply also carries Hitachi and Pactool fiber cement blades. Used for either fiber cement board or Hardie board cutting, Yoder has a Hitachi 7 ¼”, 7 ¼” trim grade, 10”, and 12” available. They even have the Pactool Gecko Gauge for those who need to install fiber cement siding.

Yoder Service & Supply’s extensive product selection includes carbide drill bits as well. Great for Canton and Massillon workers who need a dependable bit for concrete drilling, these bits are available in 5/32” x 4 5/8 – 1 1/2” x 23 ½”. Yoder Service & Supply has their carbide drill bits stocked in SDS-plus, SDS Max, and regular shank styles.

When it comes to working with tough materials, Yoder Service & Supply near Minerva, Ohio has just the tools for the job. To find out more about their carbide drill bits, Makita diamond blades, Grip Rite diamond blades, Diteq diamond blades, Hitachi fiber cement blades, or Pactool fiber cement blades, visit their website at www.yodersupply.com or give them a call at 330.359.2300. Just don’t forget to take a trip from your Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio work facility to see their inventory in person and take advantage of their great customer service.

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