WSC Construction and Restoration in Cleveland, Ohio, Offers Fire Restoration Services After Christmas Tree Fires

By Fiona Vernon

You’re never ready when disaster strikes…But We Are!

TIS the season to be jolly… but also to be safe! Christmas is a season of love, nostalgia, and a large amount of decorations, which can cause a host of electrical hazards. Christmas trees and their lights are notorious for the occasional holiday tragedy from Cleveland, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio. Although Christmas tree fires are not common, they are likely to be serious when they do occur. 25% are caused by electrical issues and another 25% are caused by the tree being situated too close to a heat source. While there are steps that can be taken to prevent fires during the holiday season, occasionally accidents take place anyway. Anyone who has sustained fire damage can call WSC Construction and Restoration for all their fire and water restoration needs. This local disaster restoration company’s 24-hour restoration service must be called immediately to help prevent the need for mold remediation when water has been used to extinguish any fire. They also can be there after the cleanup process to help regain the structure that what once was with their remodeling and construction services. By following a few safety tips, anyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, can help prevent a catastrophe and enjoy their holiday season.

With one of the main causes of house fires during the holiday season emanating from Christmas tree fires, WSC Construction and Restoration wants everyone from North Canton to Cleveland to be aware of a few safety tips that will help prevent a potential disaster.  Common sense can lead the way in prevention, but some practices are unknown to many people. Individuals should unplug their decorative lights every time they go to sleep or leave the house, in addition to the avoidance of overloading any light sockets or extension cords with too many strings of lights. The next step is to examine the lights’ directions for electrical capacities specific to that manufacturer, as well as making sure that the lights are verified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), which means they meet standard safety requirements. They should also be inspected for any wire damage and thrown away if any is noticed. Lights specifically designed for the outdoors should be used outside, because they are designed to handle moisture and inclement weather without causing electrical issues.

Individuals from Dover to Fairlawn who want to prevent Christmas tree fires should look for flame resistant trees if they are purchasing an artificial one; additionally, if someone loves lives trees, they should look for the freshest one and make plenty of water available for it throughout the season. Unfortunately, tragedies can occur despite the best preventative measures, requiring 24-hour restoration services. WSC Construction and Restoration can help to ease the anxiety that someone would experience during this kind of stressful situation with their fire and water restoration services. The reaction time of this local disaster restoration company’s emergency response crew is second to none, and their reputation for excellent work is unmatched. Calling without delay is imperative to preventing any further damage, because stagnant water will result in the need for mold remediation. They will even assist in working with insurance adjusters and agents; moreover, they can be of assistance after the cleanup with their remodeling and construction services to repair the devastation that occurred.

Everyone from Cleveland, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, tries their best to keep their family safe; however, despite all the safety precautions they may take, Christmas tree fires can occur. WSC Construction and Restoration offers unparalleled 24-hour restoration services and will be there immediately in the effort to prevent further damage. This local disaster restoration company will help to ease the anxiety associated with the need for fire or water restoration, as well as mold remediation if necessary, by working efficiently, mediating with insurance companies, and helping afterwards with their remodeling and construction services. Homeowners from Dover, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, will find peace in the knowledge that WSC Construction and Restoration is always ready to help!

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