Watters Detailing Brings Affordable Curbed Wheel and Scraped Rim Repair to Akron & Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

The happy medium: We’re always looking for it, yet never seem to find it. In pretty much any situation. It’s all or nothing, feast or famine. For example, think about parking your car on a nearby Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio street. One day you get out, and you think it’s just about perfect. The very next time, in the very same spot, your face flushes with embarrassment the moment you step out of the car and realize that you’re a lot closer to being in the middle of the road than next to the curb. How did that even happen? Then, there’s the worst. Once again, same street and same spot, only this time you know there’s a problem before you exit the vehicle because you’ve just curbed your wheel! Now, before you write that rim off as a lost cause, you need to call Watters Detailing in Akron, Ohio to ask about curbed wheel and scraped rim repair, as well as other services that may be of use, including scraped mirror and spoiler repair.

No doubt that, after assessing the damage to your vehicle, you may have jumped online to do a quick search to see what everyone has to say about handling curbed wheels. Chances are your search turned up a lot of results that all basically boil down to one thing: scrap it. You may have found a few advertisements for products that come in a box and promise wheel restoration, but you’re too savvy a consumer to put much stock in that. Before throwing in the towel, you decide to make a couple of calls to Cuyahoga Falls area body shops and car dealerships. They tell you that repair may be possible, but there’s a charge just to look at it, and the figures that follow that convince that you really are better off driving on it and hoping it doesn’t get any worse or replacing it.

But, what if we told you that affordable, reliable, and professional curbed wheel repair and scraped rim repair is within your reach? Well, it is. Save yourself the trouble of checking out message boards and talking to body shops, and place a call to Akron’s Watters Detailing. Owner Dave Watters has spent over 25 years in the business, and is the local expert on fixing those small repairs that drive you crazy, including cracks or scrapes on rims, wheels, bumpers, mirrors, spoilers, and more. Minor paint touch up needed? Your color will be perfectly matched using the same computer technology as those high priced body shops, but for a fraction of the cost! The list of repairs that can be performed at Watters Detailing is far too long to list here, but it is well worth your while to call them before giving it up as a lost cause. And don’t delay! Scrapes and cracks leave you vulnerable to potentially larger problems, such as rust, that may be costly down the road.

So, don’t wring your hands in worry or throw them up in defeat, just reach for your phone and call 330.608.4569 for Watters Detailing in Akron, Ohio. In addition to being significantly less expensive than dealerships and body shops, your job can probably be done in a day, so you won’t have to find another way to get around in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio while the job is completed! That unsightly scrape will be a distant memory in no time when you trust your curbed wheel repair or scraped rim repair to Watters Detailing!

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