Wadsworth, Ohio, Trusts Summit Releaf to Help Ease Seizures with Lennox-Gestaut and Dravet Syndrome Treatments

By Fiona Vernon

With the majority of states recognizing the benefits of medical cannabis and making it legal under specific circumstances, more patients than ever are searching for alternatives to prescribed medications. Ohio states that there are 21 qualifying conditions for the use of medical marijuana after obtaining a medical marijuana card by visiting a certified medical marijuana doctor. Summit Releaf provides medical marijuana evaluations for individuals from Canal Fulton, Ohio, to Peninsula, Ohio, who are looking for everything from treating PTSD naturally and controlling epileptic seizures to chronic pain management for relief of neuropathy or arthritis pain. This local medical marijuana clinic even offers marijuana card discounts for veterans and those on disability. Whether a parent in Tallmadge, Ohio, is looking for effective Lennox-Gestaut or Dravet syndrome treatments or a cancer patient in Wadsworth, Ohio, needs to relieve their chemotherapy-induced nausea, Summit Releaf (summitreleaf.com) can help anyone get legal marijuana by renewing or getting a new Ohio marijuana card.

Every part of the Cannabis Sativa plant has been found useful for thousands of years — from fiber, seed, and resin production to food and all-natural treatments for a vast array of illnesses. The first written description of taking advantage of the benefits of medical cannabis as an effective anti-seizure medication was published in 1843. Two rare forms of epilepsy exist that are not well-treated with typical remedies, so patients from Peninsula to Tallmadge who are looking for alternatives to prescribed medications can trust the certified medical marijuana doctors at Summit Releaf for a medical marijuana evaluation that will answer any questions. Like any other medicine, the level of THC and CBD that is most effective for any condition can be obtained with careful monitoring by a physician. Scientists were at a loss of what treatment would possibly work for Lennox-Gestaut and Dravet syndromes, since traditional epilepsy medications weren’t effective. After years of intense research, they have discovered one of these best ways to control epileptic seizures is to get legal marijuana.

This all-natural treatment has also been found to help numerous other ailments, 21 of which have been recognized as qualifying conditions to obtain an Ohio marijuana card. In addition to its high efficacy on seizures, it’s also found to relieve chemotherapy-induced nausea, help with symptoms of ALS, and for chronic pain management. It not only helps relive arthritis and neuropathy pain so that the average person can function throughout a normal day, but it can also help treat PTSD naturally. It was about one year ago that Ohio legalized marijuana for illnesses, so anyone from Wadsworth to Canal Fulton who is looking to renew their marijuana card or to register for their first one will love the amazing staff at this local medical marijuana clinic. They even offer discounts on marijuana cards for military veterans and those on disability whether a patient would like monitored consistently or only wants to visit annually. One quick phone call to Summit Releaf at 330.926.6911 can start this easy process.

Dealing with any illness is life-altering, and it is heartbreaking when a typical drug doesn’t work. Parents from Tallmadge, Ohio, to Canal Fulton, Ohio, found that they can avoid frustration by visiting Summit Releaf for an Ohio marijuana card for highly effective, all-natural Lennox-Gestaut and Dravet syndrome treatments. This local medical marijuana clinic helps those who have one of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana get their questions answered and go through the simple process of getting legal marijuana with an Ohio marijuana card. Not only can individuals renew or apply for a marijuana card to control epileptic seizures, but others looking for an alternative to prescribed medications can take advantage of some of the other benefits of medical cannabis — such as relieving chemotherapy-induced nausea, treating PTSD naturally, and for chronic pain management to relieve neuropathy and arthritis pain. Patients from Wadsworth, Ohio, to Peninsula, Ohio, will love the marijuana card discount for those on disability and veterans, as well as the compassionate certified medical marijuana doctors when they call Summit Releaf for a medical marijuana evaluation.
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