Visit WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport, Just Outside of Stark County, Ohio, for a Competitive Sport Your Group Will Love!

Whirring noises fill your ears as you sneak around the cavernous space. They appear to be getting closer every second! Bracing yourself against a nearby wall, you take a deep breath—preparing yourself for your next move. You jump out of your hiding spot, raise your weapon and—BEEP BEEP BEEP! You’ve been hit! Are you down for the count? No way! While this may seem like an exciting scene from an action-packed sci-fi film, it’s actually just a round of laser tag at WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport! A mere hour away from Stark County, Ohio, WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights offers laser tag as a fun indoor activity for you to play against group members and try to score points! If you and your friends have been searching for a new competitive sport to participate in, then it might be time to take a trip from your North Canton, Ohio or Louisville, Ohio home to visit WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport!

Whether you’ve ever been involved in a game of laser tag or not, your visit to WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport will be nothing short of amazing! The spacious facility is filled with twists and turns designed to make the game more challenging. Armed with a faux weapon and strapped with a sensor-activated chest piece, your mission is to play against group members in order to score the most points. But beware—the thick fog, red laser beams, and glowing surfaces can prove to be a distraction! Only the most skilled member of your North Canton or Louisville team will be able to call themselves a laser tag champion!

While this game can quickly turn into a competitive sport, just remember that it is a fun indoor activity for you and your friends to enjoy. In fact, people from the Stark County area find laser tag to be so exciting, they often join leagues! That’s right, by registering your team at WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport you can participate in weekly tournaments against other players! If having this thrilling, heart-pounding game as your new hobby sounds like something you would be interested in, then you should definitely look into forming a team to join the league!

So, the next time you and your friends express your complete boredom in your North Canton, Ohio or Louisville, Ohio home, remember that you’re only an hour away from WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport! The fun indoor activity of laser tag is the perfect way to spend a dull Saturday afternoon. To schedule a time to play against group members in this exciting game, give WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport a call at 216.591.0707. Once you’ve made your reservation, you can leave the Stark County, Ohio area and venture over to WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport at 5055 Richmond Rd in Bedford Heights. This is one competitive sport you’ll really want to try!