Visit the Kitchen Cabinet Showroom at Windy Hill Hardwoods for Affordable Remodeling Materials near Navarre, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

A family in North Canton, Ohio, is excited about going to their favorite park for a picnic, so mom grabs the bread out of its spot on the counter (since there is no pantry) and the peanut butter, where it is shoved away in the back of the cupboard (so she must get the stool to reach it). She runs out to the garage for the picnic basket but must clean out the cobwebs and spiders before she can use it. She wonders how much better her kitchen storage and organization could be with a kitchen renovation as she dreams of slide out shelving, making the peanut butter easy to reach no matter how far back it is shoved. Her kitchen has plenty of room for an island to create extra counter space and storage, and the kitchen flooring could use serious updating. She’s desperate for a pantry in which to place the food and appliances that currently clutter the countertop, which alone would establish more counter space. As the family is packing the baseball mitts and blankets, she decides that she will explain her idea to her husband on the car ride to Akron, Ohio. She sighs as she visualizes a lazy susan cabinet, a cookie sheet cabinet, and a 24” wide utility cabinet, which would be the perfect size for a pantry! Her husband thinks for a minute when she mentions it, then realizes he knows just the place for affordable remodeling materials, such as wooden cabinetry and door trim. They put a plan in place to visit the wooden cabinet showroom at Windy Hill Hardwoods, which is just a short drive from their workplaces in Louisville, Ohio, and Navarre, Ohio. This local cabinet seller can help any homeowner decide on cupboard installation and layout with their extensive selection of colors, styles, and sizes!

While mom is excited thinking about the bread storage behind a rolling door and the lattice wine rack her and her husband picked out on their visit to the wooden cabinet showroom at Windy Hill Hardwoods, dad is thinking about the affordable remodeling materials he has found all in one place for their much-anticipated kitchen renovation. Being so close to Akron and Louisville, the selection of wooden cabinetry alone is worth multiple visits to really see all that this local cabinet seller offers. They carry their own line of JMark wooden cabinetry, which boasts solid hardwood doors and face frames; additionally, they offer many other standard features at no extra cost and a 5-year limited warranty. Obtaining measurements is easy with their online calculator — making it possible for anyone to approach the experts at Windy Hill Hardwoods with a plan in mind. After calculating the size available in which to install cabinets, individuals can decide what layout suits their storage and style demands in the best manner. All cabinets include ½” plywood construction with sides, tops, and bottoms for lasting durability and strength, which are also stained and finished inside and out. The Heritage White, Rope, Hickory, and Legacy Oak all feature 120-pound roller bearing side mount drawer glides. European Style Concealed Hinges, soft close hinges, and under mount drawer glides are standard on many of the models.

Increasing the amount of kitchen storage in North Canton, Navarre, and beyond is straightforward with Windy Hill Hardwoods’ vast array of cabinet options —including lazy susan cabinets with standard stainless-steel baskets, wall diagonal corner cupboards, and spice racks. As the kitchen remodel progresses, decisions still need to be made on the details that will complete the project, such as the kitchen flooring and wooden door trim. This one-stop location for affordable remodeling materials provides all the elements needed to complete a project, from arched doorways to crown molding. Windy Hill Hardwoods also carries many different types of in-stock kitchen flooring on display in their showroom! Knowing that everything an individual may need throughout their entire remodel is immediately available makes entrusting Windy Hill Hardwoods with a kitchen renovation an effortless decision.

Mom and dad stand and stare at their beautiful newly-remodeled North Canton, Ohio, kitchen with satisfied smiles on their faces. They visited the wooden cabinet showroom at Windy Hill Hardwoods to start their kitchen renovation adventure, and discovered the best place for affordable remodeling materials. When undertaking such a large project, these homeowners found a reputable local cabinet seller for all the items required to put the finishing touches on their kitchen. When mom wanted to increase kitchen storage, the lazy susan cabinets met her expectations, and the high quality wooden cabinetry, standard cupboard features at no extra cost, wooden door trim, and kitchen flooring met dad’s expectations. Residents in and around Akron, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; and Navarre, Ohio, can take advantage of the 23 years’ experience that Windy Hill Hardwoods provides, along with their dedication to the happiness of their clients.

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