Visit La Dolce Vita in Cleveland, Ohio, for a Family Style Father’s Day Dinner with Authentic Italian Cuisine

By Fiona Vernon

The sunshine and blue skies that grace the people from South Russell, Ohio, to University Heights, Ohio, brings the promise of celebrations in the upcoming summer. One of the first events that is deliberated when loved ones are looking for things to do with Dad is what to do for Father’s Day activities. It’s the perfect time to show the man who sacrificed so much throughout his life how much he is appreciated and loved. People in and around Pepper Pike, Ohio, who are looking for a restaurant with family style dinner and authentic Italian cuisine for Father’s Day dinner will love all that La Dolce Vita has to offer, from a cozy aura to delicious menu. This local Italian restaurant in Little Italy of Cleveland, Ohio, will make Dad’s taste buds rejoice with its Italian wines, wedding soup, and fresh cooked pasta. A belated Father’s Day gift can also be to attend the next Opera Night on June 25th, 2018. Whether a wife is looking for a peaceful evening out with her husband or a young family wants an amazing restaurant that uses local ingredients after going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Father’s Day, La Dolce Vita offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere accompanied by the perfect meal!

If anyone from Pepper Pike to University Heights walked into an old Italian family’s household on any given Sunday, they would find the women in the kitchen and the men not even allowed near the table until it was time to enjoy their passionately prepared dinner. The entire extended family would gather for fresh cooked pasta and an open decanter of Italian wine. When someone is looking for a restaurant that serves authentic Italian cuisine in a family style dinner like they could find in their youth at Grandma’s house, they will love everything about La Dolce Vita. This restaurant in Little Italy offers one of the best Father’s Day gifts that he could possibly receive — transporting him back in time to when he was a little boy without a care in the world, eating food at his Mama’s table.

People in South Russell and beyond are frequently looking for things to do with Dad as a Father’s Day activity. Whether they prefer to spend the weekend at Beerfest or simply want to enjoy quiet time with the family, they can make their last stop before home La Dolce Vita for Father’s Day dinner. This local Italian restaurant in Cleveland uses organic and local ingredients as the weather allows and excels at everything from eight course dinners to cappuccinos. Perhaps dad loves Italian wedding soup prepared the traditional way with escarole or the best chicken parmesan baked in homemade marinara sauce. He will find that La Dolce Vita painstakingly prepares their authentic Italian cuisine using only the finest ingredients for each guest to enjoy at their leisure. They love seeing the smiles on those who grace their doorway and treat everyone as if they were family coming for Sunday dinner. Individuals love it so much and continue to look forward to their next visit to enjoy La Dolce Vita’s next Opera Night on June 25th.

Life can be busy and stressful so why not give a Father’s Day gift of relaxation with dinner at La Dolce Vita in Cleveland, Ohio. This local Italian restaurant offers a family style dinner and uses local ingredients in their authentic Italian cuisine, including their fresh cooked pasta and Italian wedding soup. This restaurant in Little Italy excels at entertaining with Opera Night for all ages and musical tastes, as well as providing enjoyment of the finest Italian wines. Anyone in Pepper Pike, Ohio; South Russell, Ohio; University Heights, Ohio; and beyond looking for things to do with Dad as a Father’s Day activity will find that they drift back to an age when time was life’s greatest commodity by stepping over the threshold of La Dolce Vita.

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