Up In Smoke BBQ: The Top Choice for Full Service Catering near Green, Ohio

This time of year seems to kick off the party season. Where there is a party, there is food. Where there is good food there is usually a good party. Parties come in many forms. It can be a small holiday get-together, an office party, or even a wedding! No matter what type of party, a party catering service tends to take the stress off of the hosts. Delicious menu options are always a plus. That’s why Up In Smoke BBQ’s full service catering menu is a great choice for any party.  They even have a wedding catering menu that will be sure to impress any in-law. They service many counties and towns including Canal Fulton, Ohio; Green, Ohio; and Orrville, Ohio.

Up In Smoke isn’t your traditional party catering service. They offer a full service catering menu with unlimited food options that you can choose for your Green or Orrville gathering. As you would expect by the name, they offer a tasty barbecue menu. They can do something as simple as pulled pork sandwiches to a variety of grilled meats, including an elegant filet mignon!

Their delicious menu options don’t just end with the meats. They have many mouthwatering side dishes and decadent desserts that are sure to please even the most finicky palates. Have a dish in mind? Just ask and they can probably do it! What’s even more impressive is that they can provide utensils, napkins, and plates. They bring their own smokers then take care of all of the clean-up to alleviate a good part of the stress of having a party or event in the Canal Fulton area.

One of Up In Smoke‘s favorite type of events is wedding catering. They love helping the bride and groom select the perfect meal for their perfect day. Think about how many weddings that you have been to. Next think about how many of the weddings actually had good food? Why have your special day ruined by having the same boring, dry wedding food? It’s usually some type of dry chicken and cold, bland mashed potatoes. And who can forget the shriveled green beans with almonds. Think outside the box and try BBQ style food. Your guests will leave talking about how delicious and flavorful the food was. Sometimes it’s good to be different!

It seems fair to say that when you are looking for a party catering service or wedding catering, delicious menu options are a must. A full service catering menu also makes the event or party that much more enjoyable because you have so many food choices. That’s why so many people from Canal Fulton, Ohio and Green, Ohio are choosing Up In Smoke BBQ near Orrville, Ohio as their first choice for party catering. Give them a call at 330-639-7459 to ask about their menu and check on available dates for your event. And don’t forget to check back with www.ishopblogz.com for information about Up In Smoke‘s new website that is coming soon!