Toledo, Ohio, Trusts Leonard Truck & Trailer’s Dependable Service Department to Winterize Their Trailers

By Fiona Vernon

It’s the time of year that Mother Nature drapes snow and ice across the land. Hunters look forward to being able to sit in the serene woods while others would rather hibernate, only leaving the house to take advantage of Black Friday sales and go to work or school. Whether someone who needs a heavy-duty equipment or construction trailer in Toledo, Ohio, wants to take advantage of end of year tax savings and or another in Steubenville, Ohio, needs guns and ammo for hunting, Leonard Truck & Trailer offers nationwide trailer delivery and in-house financing. Not only does this local truck and trailer dealership stock a vast array of affordable used RVs and custom, utility, cargo, snowmobile, and livestock trailers, but they also have a highly trained service department that can winterize any trailer for storage. Everyone from Lordstown, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, looking for long or short-term trailer rental, repair, replacement parts, or accessories can rely on the experts at Leonard Truck & Trailer (330.538.2112).

Shoppers tend to think of shopping after Thanksgiving as a battle with other people at crowded department stores; however, anyone from Steubenville to Lordstown can take the short trip to Leonard Truck & Trailer for amazing Black Friday sales on a selection of already affordable used RVs and custom and stock trailers — including cargo, horse, utility, and snowmobile trailers. Businesses looking to either expand or replace machinery during their down time can take advantage of end of year tax savings with deals on heavy-duty equipment and construction trailers to get the most bang for their buck. This local truck and trailer dealership wants everyone to be able to afford to chase their dreams so offers in-house financing with personalized rates, monthly payment options, and the best terms in the industry. They also extend long and short-term rental options, nationwide delivery, and trade just about anything presented to them.

Leonard Truck & Trailer not only provides the products to make dreams come true, but they help maintain them with repair, replacement parts, and accessories. Additionally, their dependable service department excels at winterizing trailers for storage to keep them in tip-top shape throughout the extreme temperatures of harsh winters. Many individuals from Cleveland to Toledo take advantage of the slower time of year by honing their hunting skills and bringing home the buck that will supply food throughout the year and a nice trophy rack. The Armory at Leonard Truck & Trailer (330.538.2112) has an extensive choice of guns and ammo for hunting when it’s time to revamp one’s hunting supplies. Their Black Friday sales on hunting gear, from scopes to safes, offer big savings on just about everything in the store.

As people grow older, they want to do activities of which they have always dreamed but don’t always find it to be within their financial means. Leonard Truck & Trailer wants everyone from Lordstown, Ohio, to Toledo, Ohio, to be able to live happily ever after, so they created a variety of ways to make this feat attainable to anyone — including in-house truck and trailer financing, end of year tax savings, long and short-term rentals, and Black Friday sales. It doesn’t matter if someone in Cleveland, Ohio, is looking for a horse trailer with living quarters to attend shows or another in Steubenville, Ohio, needs to winterize their trailer for storage, this local truck and trailer dealership provides nationwide delivery on everything from their affordable used RVs and snowmobile trailers to custom utility, cargo, and livestock trailers. They even meet the needs of any business with their heavy-duty equipment and construction trailers, as well as semi and flatbed trailers. With Ohio being excited about deer hunting season, The Armory stocks a wide variety of guns and ammo for hunting with Black Friday sales to make any drive worth it. From hunting gear to a reliable trailer service department, Leonard Truck & Trailer is the only stop necessary to get anyone through the winter.

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