The Pierogi Lady Caters Fresh Pierogies to those in Cleveland, Ohio

Have you ever been planning a party and thought, “I need a new and unique idea for food?” Something other than the same old boring takeout or pizza that has no flavor? If so, then The Pierogi Lady has an answer for you! Imagine hosting a party in Cleveland, Ohio and having a variety of homemade, fresh pierogies. Delicious Polish pierogies to wow your guests! Better yet, mouth-watering, gourmet party food that will leave your guests wanting more… Perhaps you are looking for catering for corporate events in Akron, Ohio. Again, The Pierogi Lady, just outside of Canton, Ohio can help!

Now, you may be thinking, “I can go to the store and buy frozen pierogies and prepare them in large quantities.” The difference is that The Pierogi Lady takes pride in making fresh pierogies for your Akron get-together! These pierogies are made from a family recipe, straight out of Gram’s kitchen. They are handmade, traditional Polish pierogies filled with a variety of scrumptious fillings and a bit of TLC! Every pierogi is made from the best ingredients available, often from local suppliers right in the Canton area. They enjoy making pierogies filled with enticing flavor combinations such as potato cheddar, sauerkraut, and sweet cheese that everyone loves. They also have some not so traditional fillings. Some of these include mini buffalo chicken-filled with chicken breast, Frank’s red-hot sauce, mozzarella, cream-cheese and ranch. Another is “The Italian,” stuffed with Italian sausage, provolone, green-peppers, garlic, onion, and mozzarella. If these delicious sounding pierogies don’t impress your guests, what will?

Perhaps you are looking for a larger scale of food items. The Pierogi Lady can help with that as well. They have recently begun catering for corporate events. If you are in the Cleveland area, you too can partake in this gourmet party food! Leave your employees impressed by the homemade taste of dessert pierogies for your next business luncheon. They will walk away with not only the training that they need, but a full belly of great food! Two of dessert pierogies that The Pierogi Lady specializes in are apple pie—homemade dough filled with an apple and cinnamon filling that tastes just like homemade apple pie, and candy bar—the same dough filled with chocolate ganache, peanuts, and caramel. What a great way to finish a luncheon!

The bottom line is, let The Pierogi Lady handle the food for your next Akron, Ohio event. They would love to take care of preparing fresh pierogies as gourmet party food to make your event hassle-free. Because they want to supply the best catering for a corporate event, they offer delivery with no additional fee with a minimum $30 order to Summit and Stark counties and a minimum $50 order to the Cleveland, Ohio area. But if you are just in the mood for some delicious, Polish pieorgis in the Canton, Ohio area, stop by and see them at 1289 Edison St. NW in Hartville, Ohio at The Hartville Market Place. You can also see their full menu and many locations at Feel free to call them at 330.690.2129 or check out their Facebook page to find out what mouth-watering flavors they are offering each day.