SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Boasts Safe, Padded Commercial & Backyard Playground Flooring for Cleveland, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Keeping children safe is the fundamental goal of every parent, so looking for a playground that incorporates a safe playground surface is important. Whether a father in Cleveland, Ohio, is looking for padded flooring for under the playset he just put up for his family’s backyard playground or a company in Toledo, Ohio, is in search of a synthetic grass for commercial outdoor playground flooring, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio has a plethora of artificial turf products that lives up to any task. This synthetic grass company has solutions for anyone from Bath, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, who is looking for non-allergenic and non-abrasive playground flooring. Individuals who would like to enhance their outdoor living space while keeping their kids safe at play can do so with superior grass for playgrounds from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio.

So many benefits exist when someone decides to install synthetic grass as their outdoor playground flooring — including a high drain rate, fall and fire protection, and allergy resistance. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio supplies artificial turf products for many industries, so anyone from Bath to Toledo who calls this local synthetic grass company to meet any surface requirement will find that they have the solution to fit any problem. Most injuries on a playground occur because of falls, either from heights or onto hard, rough surfaces. SYNLawn’s grass for playgrounds requires no maintenance. Pea gravel and wood or rubber mulch displaces as children and adults walk and run across it, so it frequently needs manually redistributed so that the exposed ground underneath doesn’t cause injury and unsafe conditions. Commercial or backyard playground surfaces is a simple maintenance-free product. Mulch and pea gravel become hot with the summer sun, whereas SYNLawn’s grass for playgrounds offers HeatBlock Technology to keep it approximately 20 degrees cooler than a typical surface.

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Schools and businesses strive cover every angle when it comes to protection for their guests and using SYNLawn’s safe, non-allergenic playground surfaces does just that. They offer a Class One fire rating with self-extinguishing properties. Additionally, someone who wants to play outdoors in the winter can do so, because it doesn’t absorb moisture or freeze. Snow can also easily be shoveled off of it. It boasts a drain rate of 30-inches per hour so that children won’t have to be confined indoors until the yard no longer has puddles after a hard rain. They can play outside before even realizing that the rain has stopped falling. SYNLawn’s TrampleZone® helps to extend the life of the product by allowing high-traffic areas to easily be replaced without doing so to the entire surface. Falls are the cause of the majority of playground injuries; however, this non-abrasive playground flooring is IPEMA certified and CSA approved with a fall attenuation for protection up to 10 feet. Whether a homeowner in Cleveland wants to enhance their outdoor living space and keep their kids safe with padded flooring under the playset, or a museum in Toledo wants a commercial playground surface for excessive use, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio offers the artificial turf products to fit any circumstance.

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SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio helps to enhance outdoor living space with safe backyard, as well as commercial, playground surfaces. Anyone from Toledo, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, who is looking for synthetic grass for non-allergenic, non-abrasive, padded, outdoor playground flooring under a playset will love the benefits that the artificial turf products from this synthetic grass company can provide. A vast array of businesses and homeowners from Cleveland, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, can attest to the superior quality of the grass for playgrounds and every other industry that SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio has been installing for over 50 years.

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