Strongsville, Ohio, Prepares Shuttle Buses for Spring with Fleet Maintenance & Repair from PTS Automotive

By Fiona Vernon

March may arrive blustery and snowy; however, it will typically calm down and the temperatures will begin to rise from Strongsville, Ohio, to Bolivar, Ohio. With the melting of snow comes the need for fleet vehicle maintenance to repair typical damages that may have occurred while suffering through the harsh effects of another winter. Whether a university transport bus needs bus rear AC inspection and repair before spring arrives or a retirement home van’s hydraulic system on their lift is making unfamiliar noises, PTS Automotive offers affordable shuttle bus repair, maintenance, and engine computer diagnostics, as well as wheelchair lift repair in transport vehicles. This local fleet repair center is not only an experienced shuttle bus repair shop, but they also excel at general fleet services, from engine and transmission work to oil changes. Every fleet manager from Seville, Ohio, to Sebring, Ohio, looking for a shop with heavy-duty lifts on which they can rely to prepare their buses for spring will love the extensive experience that PTS Automotive offers on every sized project. Finding a reliable local fleet repair center is as important to a fleet manager as finding the right putter is to a golfer, and they remain loyal once they find that experienced bus repair shop. PTS Automotive is not only a shop with heavy-duty lifts, but their manager boasts 45 years’ practice in the industry and continually upgrades equipment for efficient and accurate repairs every time. They use high-tech diagnostic tools to guarantee that everything from retirement home vans to university transport buses are prepared for spring. Many people do not understand the lack of freedom that accompanies a handicap and how much those who experience it depend upon equipment to maintain their ability to function in the world. Wheelchair lifts in transport vehicles are just as important as the vehicles themselves so whether one at a nursing facility in Sebring has been used thousands of times and is starting to make grinding noises or another at a medical center in Strongsville has hydraulics that are malfunctioning and won’t even move, PTS Automotive tackles the task on any make, model, or age.

Thousands of accidents and injuries can be avoided annually with simple fleet vehicle maintenance. Most mechanical failures can be traced back to owner neglect, from slacking on regular oil changes to defective cooling hoses. Whether a driver in Bolivar hit a pothole and needs fleet transmission and suspension work or another in Seville needs a bus rear AC inspection and repair, PTS Automotive provides affordable general fleet services that include everything involved in fleet vehicle maintenance and repair. This local fleet repair center’s general fleet services include affordable shuttle bus maintenance, repair, and engine computer diagnostics from top to bottom and front to back. Their heavy-duty lifts hoist large commercial vehicles in to the air, allowing access to every angle for any problem brought to their attention.

As drivers from Seville, Ohio, to Strongsville, Ohio, are noticing warmer breezes intermixed with the cold mornings, it’s the perfect time to call PTS Automotive. They offer affordable shuttle bus and other fleet vehicle maintenance, transmission work, oil changes, repair, engine computer diagnostics, and many other general fleet services that will help prepare transport buses and other commercial vehicles for spring. This local fleet repair center is a shop with heavy-duty lifts, so clients needing university transport bus or retirement home van repair can rely on them to solve any problem that they are experiencing, from bus rear AC to wheelchair lift inspection and repair in any transport vehicle. Every driver from Sebring, Ohio, to Bolivar, Ohio, looking for an experienced shuttle bus repair shop on which they can depend on will have peace of mind when working with the knowledgeable staff at PTS Automotive.
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