Strasburg, Ohio, Calls AJ’s Transmissions for Free Diagnostics on Grinding Noises They Hear When Shifting

By Fiona Vernon

At the end of Punxsutawney Phil’s hibernation, he determines the fate of the future on whether he sees his shadow. Regardless of predicting an early spring this year, Old Man Winter inundated the area with snow and ice, leaving cars stuck in ditches and driveways and snow plow truck transmissions being pushed to their limits once again. Whether the owner of a truck in Bath, Ohio, noticed that they are having a four-wheel drive problem right as their overdrive light started blinking, and or a driver in Strasburg, Ohio, noticed difficulty shifting their truck’s gears, AJ’s Transmissions boasts over 25 years’ experience in affordable transmission repairs and rebuilding. Drivers from Barberton, Ohio, to Ravenna, Ohio, needing free transmission diagnostics performed, as well as vehicle repair financing, when a check engine or transmission light is illuminated, their truck is jumping out of 4WD, or grinding noises are heard when shifting will feel immediately at ease after talking to this local transmission shop.

Throughout the harsh winter that’s common from Strasburg to Barberton, a snow plow truck transmission will be expected to work as hard as its operator. Heat is the number one enemy of any transmission, so keeping it cool is the key to preventing it from acquiring problems, such as jumping out of 4WD or making grinding noises when shifting. Adding a temperature gauge can help the driver to make sure that the transmission is operating within the acceptable range and doesn’t overheat. Changing the transmission fluid before each season, as well as a few times throughout the winter if the truck is working excessively, can also prevent expensive repairs. Additionally, if someone’s overdrive light is blinking, AJ’s Transmissions offers free diagnostics and estimates on their already affordable transmission repairs or rebuilding. Good habits will prolong any vehicle’s life, especially if it is consistently asked to perform heavy-duty tasks; however, normal wear and tear can also cause issues, which is where this local transmission shop comes in with their impressive customer service. Before each winter, drivers who want their vehicle to survive perform thorough vehicle inspections. Ensuring that the plow components operate properly and are in good condition will go a long way in minimizing the possibility of lost profits from four-wheel drive problems.

Snow plow operators aren’t the only drivers that must safeguard their transmissions. People from Ravenna to Bath rely on their cars, trucks, and SUVs to transport them to work and school safely. The winter brings unexpected incidents that can cause damage to a transmission — such as getting stuck in ditches or driveways. Many will spin their tires trying to free themselves, unknowingly causing components to rapidly deteriorate. If someone notices that their check transmission light is lit up or that they are having difficulty shifting their truck’s gears, being proactive and calling AJ’s Transmissions for free transmission diagnostics can prevent a complete breakdown that may put a family at risk. Other common symptoms that a car’s transmission may be malfunctioning is a lack of response when pressing on the gas pedal, a burning smell, or uncharacteristic noises when the car is in neutral. No matter the issue, this local transmission shop has knowledgeable and experienced mechanics that make any transmission dilemma disappear. AJ’s Transmissions is also the perfect location to trust financially, because they offer vehicle repair financing options for anyone not prepared for unexpected issues.

Whether someone in Barberton, Ohio, relies on the snow plow truck transmission in their Ford F-250 to make a living in the winter by plowing snow or a busy working mom in Bath, Ohio, counts on her Honda Accord to deliver her family safely to their destination, AJ’s Transmissions has fine-tuned the transmission repair process, from issues with a truck jumping out of 4WD to a check transmission light being on.  This local transmission shop provides free transmission diagnostics and vehicle repair financing for those whose overdrive light is blinking, who are having difficulty shifting gears, who are experiencing four-wheel drive problems, or those who hear grinding noises when shifting. Everyone from Ravenna, Ohio, to Strasburg, Ohio, will find affordable transmission repairs and rebuilding with superior fast and friendly service at AJ’s Transmissions.

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