Start Preparing for the Season with Quality Wooden Fungo Bats from MDS Baseball Bats near Akron, Ohio

As one of the most reputable manufacturers of wooden baseball bats in the country, MDS Baseball Bats is frequently contacted by players and coaches in need of baseball equipment. The company’s quality wooden fungoes and traditional bats are gaining in popularity as more teams opt to use the same type of gear as the professionals. Now this manufacturer near Akron, Ohio is giving players and coaches the opportunity to test out their bats for an exceptional value. This fall, MDS Baseball Bats will be offering discounted baseball bats for Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; and Cincinnati, Ohio athletes as well as teams across the U.S.

While the wooden baseball bat is a familiar sight on professional fields, this type of baseball equipment is now being used by college and high school athletes too. Using wooden bats allows players to improve their hand-eye coordination and prepare for the transition into the major leagues. However, not all wooden bats are created equal. In fact, most baseball bat manufacturers copy the Slugger profile, not bothering to change the shape, handle, knob, barrel design, or balance of the bat. Fortunately for coaches and players looking for a better performing bat, MDS Baseball Bats focuses on innovation, not imitation.

All of the wooden baseball bats from MDS Baseball Bats are made from premium maple, birch, or ash. After hand selecting and weighing each billet for the proper profile, the craftsmen then turn each bat on a hydraulic lathe and sand it by hand. Once the bats pass MDS’ inspection, they are finished and made available for purchase. As this Akron area manufacturer goes above and beyond to ensure the quality of their wooden fungoes and bats, they’ve helped to give players a more effective tool for their sport.

In addition to employing expert craftsmen to create their unique bats, MDS Baseball Bats incorporates design tips they’ve received from professional and top collegiate players. Unlike competitors that copy well-known designs, MDS Baseball Bats strives to enhance the traditional baseball bat model in order to meet athletes’ needs. Those who have had the opportunity to use the quality wooden fungoes and bats from MDS have found that they are more balanced and durable than bats made on an assembly line. Plus, they provide a greater value overall.

Teams in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and across the country can obtain baseball equipment at a reasonable price year-round, but they can also take advantage of MDS’ current specials to get an even better deal. MDS Baseball Bats runs sales for discounted baseball bats annually so players and coaches can work with better performing bats while adhering to their team’s budget. Right now, MDS Baseball Bats is offering their quality wooden fungoes for coaches to use during practice for just $40 each. Players can also purchase their wooden baseball bats at just $50 each.

As the wooden baseball bats and quality wooden fungoes from MDS are of a higher quality and better value than competitors’ products, players and coaches are encouraged to try them out for themselves. By visiting MDS’ website at, you can learn more about the Akron, Ohio area manufacturer’s creation process as well as view photos of some of their bats. Once you see what this company has to offer in terms of baseball equipment, you’ll realize that they are a step above any other manufacturer on the market. To speak to MDS Baseball Bats about ordering some of their discounted baseball bats for your own Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; or Cincinnati, Ohio team, give them a call at 330.855.6305.

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