Sloan Product LTD Stands out from Other Auto Body Shops around the Summit County, Ohio Area

Sloan Products_LogoBy Gemma Chriss

When it comes to auto customization, it’s important to find an auto body shop that’s staffed by trained professionals. For Summit County residents, that’s easier said than done… Most establishments throughout the greater Akron area employ technicians who are well-versed in collision repair and little else. However, there is good news for those in the market for custom auto painting and fabrication. The team from Sloan Product LTD specializes in both interior and exterior auto detailing, rust restoration, paint correction, audio installation, and more. Drivers from all over the Barberton and Norton areas are heading to Sloan Product LTD in order to take advantage of the company’s high-quality services, and they’re never disappointed with the results.

From vintage Chevys in desperate need of rust restoration, to brand-new CaddysSloan Products_Bel Air begging for unique artwork, there’s nothing the impressive team from Sloan Product LTD can’t handle. For those who are a bit skeptical, a quick peek at their Instagram and Facebook pages will erase any doubts. Though most people enlist the help of this locally owned company for auto detailing and custom auto painting, the truth is that the talented technicians at Sloan Product LTD can perform virtually any task that their customers require. With years of experience in auto customization, their staff members possess the skills and know-how to fabricate new doors, install one-of-a-kind dashboards, and handcraft nearly any auto-related feature that one could imagine.

For those who live in Summit County, it’s nice to know there’s a nearby auto body shop that’s capable of performing such specialized services. However, many people aren’t interested in drastically changing the appearance of their vehicles. Those individuals can Sloan Products_Weldingstill benefit from contacting the team at Sloan Product LTD. In addition to custom auto painting and fabrication, the technicians at Sloan Product LTD also provide customers with minor collision repair in the event of a fender bender. Scratches can be eliminated, dents can be removed, and paint can be perfectly matched to a vehicle’s existing color so it looks like new again. And as if that weren’t enough, Sloan Product LTD also offers remote start installation and audio services for their customers’ convenience.

With everything that Sloan Product LTD offers, it’s no surprise that drivers throughout the Akron, Barberton, and Norton areas frequently turn to this local establishment for all of their auto needs.Sloan Products_Painting

For additional information about auto customization from Sloan Product LTD, Summit County, Ohio residents are encouraged to check out the website for this local auto body shop at The team from Sloan Product LTD regularly post photos of their custom auto painting and fabrication projects on Facebook and Instagram as well, so vehicle owners have the opportunity to see what a finished product looks like beforehand. Any questions about auto detailing, collision repair, rust restoration, or audio installation can be addressed by giving Sloan Product LTD a call at 330.798.0200. Drivers around the Norton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; and Barberton, Ohio areas can also take the quick trip to Sloan Product LTD’s workshop to talk to the staff in person.

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