Silver Lake, Ohio, Trusts Cevasco Jewelers for Affordable Custom Designed Diamond Engagement Rings

By Fiona Vernon

The adrenaline of the holidays is slowly subsiding, and many are looking forward to the winter doldrums; however, as the snow builds, people getting antsy. Whether someone wants a unique piece of jewelry to show off on their anniversary or they need to know where to have a loose diamond set, Cevasco Jewelers offers the best jewelry prices on comprehensive services that include custom designed jewelry, repair, vintage and estate jewelry, and a wide selection of affordable diamond engagement rings. Someone in Silver Lake, Ohio, may be looking for a custom designed ring, while another in Kent, Ohio, may have fun perusing this local jewelry store’s diamonds at wholesale prices. This trusted jeweler boasts results everyone will love after a consultation with their jewelry designer. Everyone from Streetsboro, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, looking for an exquisite piece that won’t be found anywhere else will be treated like family at Cevasco Jewelers.

Everyone from jewelry enthusiast to novice who enters Cevasco Jewelers with the idea of custom designing a unique ring or any other piece of jewelry are invited to relax and share their ideas with innovative jewelry designer, Cathy Cevasco. Whether an individual in Fairlawn has specific preferences for a gorgeous piece of custom designed jewelry, or a person in Streetsboro would like to peruse the exquisite designs on display from Caterina’s Collection, this trusted jewelers’ original line, the process will be fun and exciting. Cathy can offer ideas for uniqueness from her years of experience, artistically draw the combination of ideas, and subsequently use a computerized design process that will create a concept to construct a CAD model for approval before the piece is cast with the chosen metal and gemstones.

Cevasco Jewelers not only offers the best jewelry prices on custom designs by Caterina and vintage jewelry, but also boasts an extensive collection of affordable diamond engagement rings. Their clients have been astounded by the craftsmanship and immense beauty of every piece of jewelry throughout their 90 years of serving the Kent community and beyond. This local jewelry store is the epitome of honesty and integrity, because they realize that everyone has a choice in whom they trust with their investments and only want to see the smile on their clients’ faces. They have a high credit rating through the jeweler’s board of recognition, resulting in the ability to choose from a larger variety of pieces from their vendors. Whether a jewelry lover in Silver Lake is looking for where to have one of their own brilliant diamonds set or they want to take advantage of loose diamonds at wholesale prices, the result will be breathtaking custom designed jewelry.

The face that someone puts forth into the world is an expression of their personality, from their choice in clothing to the jewelry they wear. Whether someone in Fairlawn, Ohio, prefers to happen upon a piece of jewelry they love or an individual in Silver Lake, Ohio, actively seeks out a unique piece of jewelry that won’t be found in anyone else’s collection, Cevasco Jewelers can fulfill either need. This trusted jeweler displays a comprehensive collection of exquisite designs, from affordable diamond engagement rings to vintage jewelry; as well as consultations with their jewelry designer that can help anyone from Kent, Ohio, to Streetsboro, Ohio, custom design a piece of jewelry well-suited to their personality. Individuals looking for where to have a diamond set for a custom designed ring can find unique pieces of jewelry from custom designs by Caterina and be treated like family as soon as they walk through the doors of this local jewelry store. Cevasco Jewelers deals directly with diamond cutters to avoid extra costs, so they can provide the best overall jewelry prices and highest quality of loose diamonds at wholesale prices.
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