Silver Lake, Ohio, Can Visit Cevasco Jewelers for Affordable Jewelry Repair, Restoration & Refurbishment

By Fiona Vernon

A simple pair of earrings or a piece of custom designed jewelry complements every outfit in a different way. Individuals from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Silver Lake, Ohio, who wear jewelry daily have likely experienced getting a necklace caught on their sweater or noticed a gem missing from the family heirloom they received from their grandmother years ago. While using teeth to squeeze the clasp of bracelet or necklace back together may be necessary to continue on with one’s day, it isn’t a reliable long-term solution. Those who have found they need a trusted jeweler to repair a ring prong, fix a broken clasp, resize a ring, fix a loose stone, or replace a missing stone in a ring can rely the experts at Cevasco Jewelers for affordable jewelry repair or refurbishing. Not only does this local jewelry store perform jewelry restoration and the polishing of old jewelry, but they also offer the best jewelry prices on an impressive inventory of diamond engagement rings, as well as certified pre-owned vintage jewelry and trendy new jewelry. Now is the perfect time to discover all the qualities that have made generations from Mogadore, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, return to Cevasco Jewelers year after year.

Deterioration is a natural part of incorporating beautiful baubles into a daily routine. Regardless of the quality of craftmanship, all jewelry deteriorates over time. Tony Cevasco is a 4th generation bench jeweler at Cevasco Jewelers who restores pieces of jewelry to their former luster with affordable jewelry repair and refurbishing. Perhaps an individual in Silver Lake has had a custom designed piece of heirloom jewelry sitting in their jewelry box that requires the special touch of a trusted jeweler. Tony is up for any challenge with his superior skill in jewelry restoration, from the repair of a ring prong to fixing a loose or replacing a missing stone in a ring, necklace, or pendant. This local jewelry store is often witness to pieces that previously had poor repair jobs performed at a cheaper and less experienced location and eventually returned to Cevasco Jewelers for their high success rate of bringing items back to their original beauty.

Tony Cevasco realizes the symbolism that jewelry represents to their wearers, so he performs jewelry repair and refurbishment with the utmost care and takes on difficult tasks that many other jewelers will not or cannot tackle. He performs repairs as routine as fixing a broken clasp on a necklace or bracelet or resizing a ring to restringing great grandma’s heirloom pearls. Additionally, he excels at jewelry restoration to transform any piece back to the glory that it once held. Whether a jewelry enthusiast from Mogadore has been returning to Cevasco Jewelers for years for polishing of their older jewelry or a novice jewelry lover from Portage Lakes is walking through the doors for the first time for trendy new jewelry, they are both treated like a part of the family. Everyone in Kent and beyond will find peace of mind and a trusted jeweler for life with the best jewelry prices on diamond engagement rings and pre-owned vintage jewelry when they trust this local jewelry store.

People decorate themselves because it makes them feel good. Individuals who require a trusted jeweler to repair a prong, resize the ring, polishing old jewelry, or fix a loose stone in a ring, trust Cevasco Jewelers to come to the rescue with their affordable jewelry repair, restoration, and refurbishing. This local jewelry store also carries an impressive selection of diamond engagement rings and custom designed jewelry at the best jewelry prices. Individuals from Kent, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, who are in search of affordable jewelry repair and refurbishing or diamonds at wholesale prices can depend on on Tony Cevasco’s extensive experience for every scenario, including fixing a broken clasp and replacing a missing stone. Everyone from Mogadore, Ohio, to Silver Lake, Ohio, looking for anything from certified pre-owned vintage to trendy new jewelry will love the comfortable atmosphere and superior service they find at Cevasco Jewelers.

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