Silca System Provides Northeast Ohio Contractors with Environmentally Friendly Products

There was once a time when contractors had limited supplies to use when resurfacing or rebuilding a new outdoor deck. Because of the lack of options, builders weren’t able to create anything more than a plain wooden deck for clients. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. With Silca System’s recycled subflooring, contractors like GreenDay Systems of Cuyahoga County, Ohio are able to completely transform their clients’ outdoor living spaces. By applying Silca System’s green product, Silca Grate™, GreenDay Systems has helped many Cleveland, Ohio area homeowners get the brick or stone surface they desire. And it’s all thanks to this environmentally friendly product from Northeast Ohio-based Silca System!

The Silca Grate™ from Silca System has proven to be a revolutionary product for homeowners and contractors alike. Those wanting to turn a regular wooden deck to stone or brick can do so easily by applying Silca System’s recycled subflooring. Not only does Silca System’s green product offer a strong, sturdy surface on which to build a unique deck of any shape, color, and design of the client’s choosing, but it’s also an environmentally friendly product for those searching for a sustainable, eco-friendly option.

Since Silca System of Northeast Ohio uses 100% recycled materials to create their patented Silca Grate™, this unique structural underlayment helps to replace the large amount of lumber that would normally be used when creating a new outdoor living space. Many homeowners want to avoid the waste and maintenance costs that come from having a wooden deck outside of their homes, so any green products like the one offered by Silca System are greatly appreciated.

Cleveland area residents who want to go a step further and use natural stone or brick pavers to create a completely eco-friendly deck, porch, balcony, gazebo, garden, bridge, walkway or dock are able to do so with help from a local contractor like GreenDay Systems and Silca System’s recycled subflooring.

Not only is Silca System’s underlayment easy to install, but it also gives environmentally-conscious companies like GreenDay Systems of Cuyahoga County a chance to utilize all-natural contractor supplies like slate or travertine pavers that they wouldn’t be able to work with otherwise. As a company that places great emphasis on “going green,” GreenDay Systems has found the Silca Grate™ to be extremely beneficial in the work they do for homeowners throughout the region.

While finding eco-friendly contractor supplies was once a difficult task, Northeast Ohio-based Silca System has made it simple and hassle-free by offering their patented Silca Grate™ to builders and homeowners in need of green products. And not only is Silca System’s recycled subflooring a great choice for Cleveland, Ohio homeowners who want to eliminate lumber waste, it also allows contractors like GreenDay Systems in Cuyahoga County, Ohio to be much more creative in their deck construction—giving more aesthetic value in comparison to typical deck flooring. To find out more about Silca System and the versatility of their environmentally friendly product, visit or give them a call at 330.821.4299.