Silca System Can Help Homeowners in San Antonio, Texas, Enjoy Their Outdoor Living Space Year Round

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals all over the world appreciate even the smallest of seasonal changes.  It is heavenly to feel the sun on one’s skin regardless of the time of year, but with the hectic pace that most people presently maintain, relaxing in the sun can only be accomplished occasionally on one’s deck in the evening with a glass of wine or on a weekend morning with a cup of coffee. Taking this time for oneself is essential to a balance of mind, body, and spirit, and Silca System can help anyone create a soothing space in which to achieve one’s peace and relaxation. Having a deck on which to revive one’s senses is perfect, but people get tired of pressure washing and staining their deck. When looking to beautify an outdoor living area, they can use Silca System to transform their wooden deck to a stone deck, expanding their deck flooring options and greatly reducing the maintenance required to keep it picturesque. A backyard in San Antonio, Texas, or Jacksonville, Florida, may not need the protection from snow and cold as much as one in Colorado Springs, Colorado, or Baltimore, Maryland, but they need shelter from the sun more frequently. Deciding whether or not to cover one’s deck can also be determined by how and when one will experience the outdoors.

Individuals from Jacksonville to San Antonio who have decided to upgrade their outdoor living space can do so easily with Silca System plastic grates, allowing the use of thousands of deck flooring options — from travertine to natural stone pavers, like marble and granite. These American-made, recycled grates install directly on top of wood or metal deck joists and support any paver of choice; additionally, they allow the user to match their hardscapes to their deck. It helps resolve ground issues, since it can be placed on steep inclines without backfilling. They can also be used on raised walkways, pool surrounds, patios, balconies, and rooftop decks. Transforming one’s wooden deck to a stone deck eliminates the intense heat, fading, splintering, and warping of wooden or composite decking. The grids are easy to cut and composed of a durable engineered polymer that exceeds residential and commercial building codes. Homeowners everywhere can make their dream oasis come true by using Silca System to create a low-maintenance outdoor living space.

Elevated deck in progress with stone pavers using Silca System

Deciding whether or not to cover one’s deck when someone is upgrading their outdoor living space depends on their intentions for their deck usage, and the weather plays a big part in the timing. People who live in Baltimore or Colorado Springs experience a severe temperature drop in the winter and may want to be able to use their deck in the fall, winter, and spring. With the addition of an outdoor propane heater and a roof or patio awning, they can create a warm area in which to enjoy their mornings or evenings. The shade that is created with any covering can also help cool the house in the summer sun. Studies have shown that outdoor shade can be up to 20 degrees cooler than sitting directly in the sun. Coverings also keep rays of sun from shining through the windows into the house, preventing the air conditioning from working too hard and saving energy. If a homeowner has created an outdoor kitchen on part of their deck, a deck cover would protect the contents of the outdoor area from the damage caused by sun, snow, and rain. Ideally, a partially covered deck can be the perfect solution, allowing the homeowner the choice of soaking up the sun or sitting under protection.

Deck Transformed with Help from Silca System

Children know how to have fun and relax, but adults sometimes lose touch with that quality as they become involved in daily routines. Homeowners from Baltimore, Maryland, to San Antonio, Texas, can count on Silca System plastic grates to help create a tranquil backyard refuge in which to return to mental balance. Silca System makes thousands of deck flooring options available while transforming one’s wooden deck to a stone deck, from travertine to natural stone pavers and everything in between. When determining whether or not to cover a deck, every homeowner needs to analyze when and how they use their deck while upgrading their outdoor living space. Does the busy mom in Colorado Springs, Colorado, plan on sitting outside on the nippy evenings of March? Does the retired pool cleaner in Jacksonville, Florida, want to sit in the outdoor shade on the hot days of July? Silca System can help anyone achieve their dream retreat in their own backyard.

Silca System