Show Off Your Mustang Pride with Spiritwear from Mel Wacker Signs

Are you looking from some quality Tuslaw athletic apparel in the Perry Heights, Ohio area for your student athlete? Or perhaps you are looking for some Mustang spiritwear and sportswear to wear as you cheer on the Tuslaw High School Mustangs? When it comes to finding everything you need to show off that fighting Mustang spirit around Stark County, Ohio, the place to shop is Mel Wacker Signs in Massillon, Ohio.

As a parent, when your child excels in something, you want to proudly boast about it to everyone you meet around Stark County. With baseball, softball and track season upon us, you might find yourself in desperate need of some quality Tuslaw athletic apparel for your children. Fortunately, you can find everything you need at Mel Wacker Signs in Massillon. You will find a wide variety of Mustang spiritwear and sportswear such as t-shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve are available), hoodies and pullovers, rain ponchos, lanyards, jewelry, hats and blankets. All of which will show off the Mustang pride within you as you cheer on your favorite Tuslaw sports teams, come rain, sleet, snow or shine.

Is your daughter trying out to become a cheerleader for Tuslaw High School this spring? Show her you support her and how proud you are by purchasing her a beautiful piece of Tuslaw Mustang jewelry, such as a pair of mustang earrings or a delicate bracelet. And once she makes the squad, you can surprise her with her very own personalized Mustang gym bag to carry her pompoms in!

Mel Wacker Signs is well known for providing sturdy, top of the line, custom signs to businesses, organizations, churches and others not only right here in the Perry Heights area, but also as far away as Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. If you are looking for a way to show your support for Tuslaw High School, you can turn to their team of skilled professionals for help in creating a custom-made banner for the Mustang in your family complete with their number and the school’s mascot. Or you can keep it simple and invest in a Tuslaw Mustangs flag or yard sign to proudly display in front of your Massillon home.

When it comes to finding a one stop Tuslaw Mustangs shop near the Perry Heights, Ohio area, look no further than Mel Wacker Signs. Located in Massillon, Ohio, they serve as one of the leading providers (and biggest supporters) for Mustang alumni, students, athletes and fans from all over Stark County, Ohio. Regardless if you are looking for some Mustang spiritwear for the cheerleader in your family or hoping to purchase some exclusive Tuslaw athletic apparel, such as a letterman’s jacket for your graduating student athlete, they have something for everyone. So next time you are looking for some Mustang sportswear or hoping to get a custom banner to cheer on your family’s athlete, head on in and let the experts at Mel Wacker Signs help you to show off that Mustang pride!

For more information about their products, services and hours of operations visit their website: or contact them directly at 330.832.1726.

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