Shaker Heights, Ohio, Can Strengthen Their Brains & Build Relationships with Group Games at Trapped! Escape Room

By Fiona Vernon

Insightful people always try to better themselves with much of the focus being on the physical aspect; however, keeping fit as an adult takes more creativity and planning than as a child. Brain exercise is just as important as physical training when individuals are attempting to find a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. Everyone from Parma Heights, Ohio, to Shaker Heights, Ohio, who wants to know how to increase focus and intelligence and strengthen their brain can book a room at Trapped! Escape Room to take advantage of the puzzles and clues that will improve their problem-solving and communication skills. Finding the solution to any one of the 16 easy, intermediate, or challenging group games requires teamwork, so it improves socializing skills and builds relationships, improving self-confidence. Everyone from Twinsburg, Ohio, to Strongsville, Ohio, looking for things to do instead of bowling or going to a movie can visit Trapped! Escape Room for a fun night out for a group in one of their escape room challenges.

Being mentally fit doesn’t just mean that someone can perform simple math quickly, it involves their overall mental well-being and the ability to adequately deal with their life experiences. Not only do the group games at Trapped! Escape Room provide a social atmosphere where people from Shaker Heights to Twinsburg can build relationships and improve communication skills and self-confidence, but they also engage the parts of the brain required to improve problem-solving skills. For an activity to be considered brain exercise, it must be mentally challenging and not part of a normal routine. Escape room challenges are constantly offering something new, so they capture and retain the interest of the participants, allowing them to strengthen their brain by learning and developing new skills. The key is to take the additional cleverness that they have acquired and build upon it by learning how to increase focus and apply it to life.

Gearwork’s Manor, one of the new rooms at Trapped! Escape Room, is about a doctor who has spent his life studying the balance of the universe. It takes a sharp mind and teamwork for a group to save the world from the imbalance of good and evil. It is considered an intermediate challenge with an escape rate of 40%. The Dark Room is an easy escape room challenge; however, participants must not be tricked into believing that it is undemanding at less than a 50 percent solve rate. These unique themes help people increase their intelligence by pushing their mind’s limits and stretching their mental capabilities. Everyone from Parma Heights to Strongsville looking for something exciting to do instead of going bowling or to a movie will love the unique fun night out with their group of friends or family at Trapped! Escape Room.

Not only is it beneficial people from Strongsville, Ohio, to Shaker Heights, Ohio, to keep their bodies in shape, but they can also strengthen their brains with the appropriate exercise. According to studies, it can also lead to a reduction in stress, more positive mood, boost in motivation and productivity, improved self-confidence, improved problem-solving and communication skills, and much more. Any task that is outside of one’s regular schedule and utilizes all the senses is considered brain exercise and is beneficial when someone is learning how to increase their intelligence and focus. Trapped! Escape Room provides things to do instead of going to a movie or bowling that fulfill the requirements that define brain exercises, engaging the mind in the puzzles and clues necessary to complete the group games. Booking a session at one of the Trapped! Escape Room’s four locations is taking one step closer to one’s future cognitive prowess! Individuals from Twinsburg, Ohio, to Parma Heights, Ohio, looking for a game that is a fun night out for a group to help build relationships, as well offer a mental challenge, can book an escape room challenge at Trapped!

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