Richard Mosher DMD in Massillon, Ohio Helps Patients with Jaw Pain Relief

Many people clench their jaws and grind their teeth at night, not realizing that their actions can mean serious problems later down the road. Not only do you risk chipping away at the enamel of your teeth—a coating that can’t be repaired—but you can also do significant damage to the bones of your jaw. That’s why it’s so important to make an appointment with a clinic that specializes in family dentistry the minute you find yourself in need of jaw pain relief. Fortunately for those around the Jackson Township, Ohio and Canton, Ohio areas, Richard Mosher DMD offers TMD treatment as one of their many oral health services. If your own sleeping activities have begun to cause discomfort in your teeth and jaws, it’s in your best interest to call this Massillon, Ohio dental practice in order to get the help you need.

As a clinic that practices family dentistry, Richard Mosher DMD has seen patients of all ages who have complained of toothaches, headaches, tooth sensitivity, jaw pain and unusual jaw movement. These symptoms usually indicate some form of TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). While not everyone who grinds their teeth develops jaw disorders, this habit can lead to issues with your teeth, gums and the bone structures of your mouth.

For those who do need jaw pain relief, there are a number of TMD treatments that you can try. For instance, many professionals recommend muscle relaxants, aspirin, biofeedback or the use of a small plastic mouth appliance while sleeping. The latter TMD treatment is especially popular as it allows patients to avoid the use of drugs. Plus, these mouth appliances prevent the teeth from grinding at night and causing further damage. Ultimately the choice is yours, but it’s crucial that you visit a dental practice like Richard Mosher DMD so a professional can confirm that what you’re dealing with is TMD.

When you make an appointment at a clinic that specializes in family dentistry, such as Richard Mosher DMD in Massillon, the dentist will likely ask you a series of questions to gauge your level of pain and determine the source. If teeth grinding is the culprit and you’ve developed TMD because of it, your dentist may suggest using a mouth appliance when you sleep. However, if they find that your condition is serious and includes a dislocated jaw or improperly aligned joints, they may encourage you to visit a specialist around Jackson Township or Canton that deals with such oral health services so you can obtain jaw surgery.

If you do need jaw pain relief and you’d like to learn more about TMD treatments, visit the website for Richard Mosher DMD at If you have any questions about their oral health services or you’d like to schedule an appointment, give them a call at 330.832.4533. The staff members at this local dental practice would be happy to help you get in for a consultation so you can begin the appropriate course of treatment. When the day of your appointment arrives, simply take the quick trip from your Jackson Township, Ohio or Canton, Ohio home to this family dentistry clinic.

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