Residents of West Akron, Ohio, in Need of an Affordable Transmission Repair Can Call AJ’s Transmissions

By Fiona Vernon

For people in and around West Akron, Ohio, life throws curveballs when they are least expected. This can sometimes result in automotive issues, depleting the store in the bank that one has saved up, also causing scheduling conflicts. This can be even worse if the issue is transmission related, but now those from Massillon, Ohio, to Munroe Falls, Ohio, can rely on the timely and trustworthy services at AJ’s Transmissions. If a driver needs affordable transmission repair, then this local transmission shop is perfect for the automotive troubles holding them back. Maybe one is experiencing clutch malfunction, torque converter issues, or transmission leaks, all common transmission problems. This is where AJ’s Transmissions can help anyone from Tallmadge, Ohio, by offering transmission repairs and rebuilds on any type of transmission, including high performance ones. Individuals in need of affordable transmission rebuilds can count on this trustworthy and efficient automotive repair company.

The people living in and around Munroe Falls who are beginning to learn about the most common transmission problems can keep their eyes peeled for signs something may be wrong. Whether their vehicle is equipped with a manual or automatic transmission, it is an essential part to the performance of one’s car. Those living in West Akron and beyond should be aware of these warning signs and take their car into AJ’s Transmissions as soon as they notice anything untoward. If they are experiencing abnormally high levels of heat or notice intense shaking from underneath the car, this can be related to a clutch malfunction. Or, if they notice a strange grinding sound coming from their vehicle, it could be a sign of torque converter issues. They will only hear these strange sounds while the vehicle is in motion, and this may be due to a worn needle bearing in the transmission system. This is an issue that can have very significant repercussions and may lead to transmission damage or failure.

If anyone from Massillon to Tallmadge is experiencing transmission problems, they can find this local transmission shop. AJ’s Transmissions has the knowledgeable and experienced mechanics and rebuilders to make one’s transmission dilemma disappear. As a family-run shop that has been dealing with transmission repairs and rebuilds for over 25 years, the mechanics know exactly what they are doing. They offer reliable and affordable transmission rebuilds after a proper diagnosis, in which they carefully remove the transmission, disassemble, wash, and inspect all parts that may be causing a problem, reassemble, and then test the transmissions’ function. Not only do they work and operate regular transmissions, but AJ’s Transmissions works on high performance transmissions as well. As fellow racers, they can build any transmission that won’t disappoint for when a car enthusiast wants to tear up the town in their street rod or on the racing track.

Drivers in Munroe Falls, Ohio, and beyond should look out for signs that their transmission is in need of repair, careful to listen for the strange grinding noises of torque converter issues. They must also be alert for the feel of shaking and large amounts of heat under a car that could be a major sign of a clutch malfunction. These are only a few of the most common transmission problems and are both indications that one from West Akron, Ohio, needs an affordable transmission rebuild. Any individual from Massillon, Ohio, to Tallmadge, Ohio, can find their way to this local transmission shop that deals expertly in transmission repairs and rebuilds. AJ’s Transmissions has been in the Ohio area for over 25 years, taking pride in the specialty work they can do with all transmissions, including high performance. Those who notice a problem with their transmission can head over to this high quality, efficient business for the best services around.
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