Redesign Your Belmont, California Backyard with Discounted Furniture from Terra Patio & Garden

Between Pinterest and the hundreds of home decorating magazines available online, there’s no shortage of places to look for inspiration when contemplating your next outdoor project. However, one place you may not have thought to check out is the San Francisco area’s premier home and garden store, Terra Patio & Garden. The associates at this Burlingame establishment take great care in constructing their patio displays, making sure they’re just right. By pairing their own weather-resistant chairs, sofas, and tables with attractive accessories, they give their customers the opportunity to see what their own Belmont, Hillsborough, or San Mateo patios could look like. In fact, you can create an exact replica of one of Terra Patio’s displays by paying them a visit during their floor sample sale this October. With a wide range of discounted furniture available, this local retailer will allow you to obtain everything you need to redesign your outdoor space.

If you haven’t been to Terra Patio’s showroom in Burlingame before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of outdoor products available at this San Francisco area retailer. From ornate fire pits to colorful umbrellas, deep seating sofas to swings, Terra Patio & Garden has a number of pieces that you can use to decorate your backyard. The best part is that the associates at this local business go out of their way to create eye-catching patio displays in order to showcase their high-quality products. When you take the short trip from your Belmont, Hillsborough, or San Mateo home to their showroom, you’ll have the chance to peruse their inventory of weather-resistant chairs, sofas, and tables, as well as get inspiration from their setup.

By opting to visit Terra Patio & Garden during their floor sample sale going on the month of October, not only will you be able to look at their patio displays, but you’ll be able to purchase them as well! For the 5-7 days that their floor sample sale lasts, Terra Patio & Garden offers discounted furniture to shoppers for as much as 50% off the regular price. If you notice a setup that would perfectly complement your own outdoor space, you can purchase all of the elements for a very reasonable price!

If you haven’t seen the weather-resistant chairs, sofas, and tables from Terra Patio & Garden before, take a few moments to visit their website at to browse their selection. If you’re impressed by their inventory of outdoor products and accessories, make sure to take the short trip from your Belmont, Hillsborough, or San Mateo home to this San Francisco area retailer during their floor sample sale. Once you see the beautiful patio displays they have set up in their Burlingame showroom, you’ll be pleased that you can create the same look in your backyard with discounted furniture!

Terra Patio & Garden
1320 Burlingame Ave
Burlingame, California 94010
Ph: 650.343.4500