PTS Automotive Keeps Fleet Managers in Cleveland, Ohio, Happy with Their Shuttle Bus Dual AC & Heating Repair By Fiona Vernon

By Fiona Vernon

Many businesses offer fleet vehicles as a convenience for customers and employees alike, relying on the drivers to treat their vehicles well. Normal wear and tear occurs, so they must keep an experienced shuttle bus repair shop on call on whom they can rely for general fleet services. Whether a hospital near Cleveland, Ohio, offers a complementary shuttle bus to transport patients between buildings or a hotel shuttle in North Canton, Ohio, needs to be ready for the next big snow, PTS Automotive provides a wide array of services for fleet vehicle and shuttle bus repair and maintenance. The expert technicians at this local fleet repair center possess the knowledge of all makes and models to solve even the most challenging problems — including fleet engine work, tire replacement, and suspension work, as well as shuttle bus engine computer diagnostics and dual AC and heating repair. Anyone from Rootstown, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio, looking for a shop with heavy-duty lifts and the latest technology can count on PTS Automotive to keep their business running efficiently.

The main goal of fleet service managers is to prevent downtime and lost profits. Companies from North Canton to Rootstown can rely on the high-tech diagnostic equipment at PTS Automotive to keep their vehicles running smoothly. The certified, expert technicians at this local fleet repair center offer general fleet services and vehicle maintenance, as well as the technology for any sized repair necessary. Vehicles perform efficiently because each component functions at its best. Basic maintenance keeps engines healthy; however, if and advanced age can cause normal deterioration. This experienced shuttle bus repair shop excels at engine, suspension, cooling system, and electrical work, as well as tire replacement. In heavy duty applications, such as buses and trucks, air suspension is used in place of standard steel springs to provide a smooth, constant ride. PTS Automotive can diagnose and repair modern electronically controlled air systems with self-leveling, in addition to raising and lowering functions, since they are a shop with heavy-duty lifts that allow views of every angle. Their affordable fleet vehicle repair is hassle-free and reliable every time.

Electrical issues remain the biggest problem seen in shops, followed by the exhaust gas recirculation system, engine, and transmission problems. PTS Automotive is a full-service shop for affordable shuttle bus repair and maintenance from Dover to Cleveland. They not only a shop with heavy-duty lifts that offers efficient shuttle bus engine repair and replacement with their high-tech engine computer diagnostics, but they also specialize in bus dual AC and heating repair. They are a warranty repair station for bus AC companies which include American Climate Control (ACC), American Cooling Technology (ACT), Mobile Climate Control (MCC), and Trans-Air conditioning. No project presented to them is too big or too small!

To create great first impressions, companies must avoid looking second-rate by never pulling up to customers with the sounds of brakes grinding brakes or knocking engines. Every business from Rootstown, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, needing a shop with heavy-duty lifts can rely on PTS Automotive for expert and affordable fleet and shuttle bus maintenance and repair. This experienced shuttle bus repair shop’s general fleet service keeps each vehicle at their optimal level of functioning so that they remain safe and efficient. This local fleet repair center provides services that include fleet engine and suspension work, tire replacement, shuttle bus engine computer diagnostics, and dual AC and heating repair. Keeping profits where they should be is easy when any fleet manager from North Canton, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio, partners with the knowledgeable staff at PTS Automotive.

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