PTS Automotive Excels at Heavy-Duty Shuttle Bus Engine Overhauls & Oil Changes for Hudson, Ohio, and Beyond

By Fiona Vernon

Shuttles are a convenient service that can make a customer or patient’s life easier. It’s an added feature that proves a large business is willing to go above and beyond; however, normal wear and tear is rapid because they run constantly. Whether a large hospital transports patients between buildings for 14 hours a day or a school system wants to ensure the safety of the children they are transporting, it would behoove every fleet manager to have a reliable local fleet repair center available to reduce any downtime. PTS Automotive is one of the only shops with heavy-duty lifts from Parma Heights, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio, which allows their experienced technicians to have access to the entire vehicle.  They can perform general and challenging fleet services that many others cannot — including bus dual AC work, shuttle wheelchair lift repair, heavy-duty vehicle alignments, oil changes, and engine overhauls. This experienced bus repair shop not only offers school bus and hospital shuttle repair, but they also provide routine shuttle bus maintenance to keep each vehicle running smoothly. Everyone from Hudson, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, looking for affordable fleet vehicle maintenance or transport shuttle bus repair can rely on the superior service at PTS Automotive.

It is not an easy job to be entrusted with the safety of the public, but there are many fleet managers from Dover to Hudson who do their job well with the affordable fleet vehicle maintenance and repair from PTS Automotive.  While many dealers don’t have the equipment to touch their own vehicles, this local fleet repair center is a shop with heavy-duty lifts. Their consistently upgraded equipment gives them the ability to reach every part of the vehicle and face any challenge that is brought to their attention, from heavy-duty engine overhauls and shuttle wheelchair lift repair to heavy-duty vehicle alignments and oil changes. There is no hospital shuttle repair or any other job that is too small or too large for this experienced bus repair shop to handle. The manager boasts over 45 years’ experience and has been involved with the repair of various vehicles throughout his entire life.

There is nothing more terrifying than waiting for a child to arrive home after school and their normal arrival time passes by without any sign of the bus. This ripples not only to the transportation manager, but also to the officials and school board who must explain the situation to the parents. School systems from Parma Heights to Akron can count on PTS Automotive for school bus maintenance and repair to ensure that these situations are an extremely rare occurrence. Likewise, patients in hospitals are not only trusting the well-being of their loved ones to the doctors, nurses, and technicians inside, but they are also trusting their lives to the fleet managers and drivers who get them to their appointments on time. This local fleet repair center not only offers routine transport shuttle bus maintenance to prevent breakdowns that will affect the schedules of patients and the doctors they are seeing, but they also offer extensive repair services. These vehicles are rarely allowed to rest during their operating times, causing normal wear and tear that requires attention. Whether it’s an inconvenience such as bus dual AC repair or a more significant issue that requires a complete engine overhaul, PTS Automotive excels at comprehensive general fleet services.

Accommodating the different personalities of guests can sometimes be a challenge. Whether a school system in Hudson, Ohio, needs school bus repair or a health care system near Parma Heights, Ohio, needs hospital shuttle repair, PTS Automotive is an experienced bus repair shop that provides general fleet services, which include heavy-duty engine overhauls, oil changes, shuttle wheelchair lift repair, vehicle alignment, and even bus dual AC repair. This local fleet repair center can offer such wide-ranging and affordable transport shuttle bus repair and maintenance since they have access to each part of every vehicle with their heavy-duty lifts. Everyone in Dover, Ohio, and beyond who has trusted PTS Automotive in Akron, Ohio, can attest to their all-encompassing knowledge and experience in shuttle bus repair.

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