Pinnacle Chiropractic in Summit County Goal Is Your Total Health

Pinnacle Chiropractic, with two Summit County area locations, has a single goal: your total health. They are concerned with far more than just treating neck or back discomfort. Their holistic approach to wellness and health is designed for long-term solutions and genuine healing, not stop-gap measures and temporary pain relief.

What does this mean for patients of Pinnacle Chiropractic? It means that you can expect Dr. Banks and his staff to treat you as a person, not a condition. Some of the questions asked during your initial visit may seem unrelated to your current discomfort, but rest assured that each question has a very specific purpose. It is important to determine the cause or causes of your pain in order to avoid recurrences and future issues.

It is not unusual for patients of Pinnacle Chiropractic to receive regular adjustments to treat a specific issue, but to also be asked to make lifestyle changes that address their total health, and that will help them to lead healthier, more comfortable lives for many years to come.

Pinnacle Chiropractic has a total of seven locations across Northeast Ohio and the Greater Chicago area. They have been serving these areas for over thirty years, both in the office and in the community. You can regularly find special health and wellness events hosted in the office after hours, such as the recent Friday evening gathering that was attended by representatives from Northeast Martial Arts & Fitness and Ohio Pools and Spas. Additionally, you will meet staff members and doctors at community health fairs and other wellness events.

The human body is so much more than just the sum of all its parts, which why a total health approach is necessary to achieve optimal well-being.  Chiropractic care is based on the belief that the human body can maintain its own health, and Dr. Banks and the staff at your Summit County Pinnacle Chiropractic offices work toward this total health and wellness goal with each visit. Even minor misalignments in the spine can contribute to other ailments aside from back pain or discomfort. By starting in this central location, Dr. Banks and his staff can work with you to improve your overall quality of life. For those involved in sports, regular chiropractic care can also help you to overcome and heal from sports-related injuries at a much faster rate, getting you back into the game that much sooner.

Nearly everyone can benefit in some way from chiropractic care. If you still are not convinced that it is the right path for you, stop by the Pinnacle Chiropractic website, and then click on the Brimfield or Cuyahoga Falls location, to read some of the customer testimonials. While on the website, you can also check out their list of Chiropractic Healthcare Tips. Just scanning the list will quickly show you that, while your spinal care is important, it is not their sole focus. Everything from headaches to aching feet can be aided by the incredible team at the Pinnacle Chiropractic offices in the Summit County area. They can assist you with weight loss, muscle pain, and so much more because they are treating you from head to foot with their final goal being your total health.

Start your journey toward total health at or call one of the Summit County area Pinnacle Chiropractic offices today.

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