People in Medina, Ohio, Shopping for Medicare Supplement & Prescription Drug Plans Can Call Medicare Plan Shoppe

By Fiona Vernon

Medicare is the country’s health insurance program for Seniors yet deciding on Medicare choices can be extremely confusing! Anyone from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, shopping for Medicare plans can call Medicare Plan Shoppe for knowledgeable assistance. Most persons age 65 and older are eligible, as well as those on Social Security Disability (SSDI) for 24 months or longer. Other eligibility requirements may apply.  Medicare helps with some health care costs but doesn’t cover all medical expenses, causing many to search out additional coverage in a Medigap supplemental plan.  The Initial Medicare enrollment period begins three months before an individual’s 65th birthday, includes the birth month, and extends for three months after, ample time to make decisions on how they will be effectively covered. Whether a 45-year-old in Medina, Ohio, has become disabled and is looking into Medicare Advantage Plans or a 64-year-old in Green, Ohio, is researching his upcoming options for Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, the knowledgeable staff at Medicare Plan Shoppe has access to a vast array of Medicare Insurance Companies so that they can focus on the plans which will work for each client’s individual circumstances. Anyone would benefit from calling them now!

When anyone from Kent to Medina is shopping for Medicare plans, they can rely on the extensive knowledge of Medicare Plan Shoppe to separate the confusion from the wide selection of plans offered by different Medicare Insurance Companies. Medicare consists of four parts; PART A is HOSPITAL INSURANCE and helps pay for Hospital or Skilled Facility Inpatient care (following a “qualified” hospital stay) as well as some Home Health care, and Hospice care.  PART B is MEDICAL INSURANCE which includes a monthly premium (depending on income), which helps pay for doctors and other health care providers, as well as a variety of Preventive services. Medigap policies are PRIVATE insurance plans which work “along with Original Medicare” and cover some/all “gap expenses” found in Original Medicare, including deductibles, copays, and coinsurances. To help cover prescription drug medication costs, an additional Medicare PART D Prescription Drug plan would also need to be selected.  Medicare Advantage plans (PART C), are PRIVATE insurance company plans approved by Medicare and typically include both health and prescription drug benefits.  These plans replace Original Medicare, can also provide additional benefits while possibly lowering “out-of-pocket” expenses.  MEMBERS MUST DECIDE ON EITHER A MEDIGAP OR ADVANTAGE PLAN, NEVER BOTH.

LATE ENROLLMENT PENALTY – Medicare Enrollment periods are critical to observe and can be complicated. Occasionally, an individual may be considered “late” when enrolling into Parts A/B/D, therefore resulting in a Medicare imposed “penalty”.  It would benefit anyone from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, to call Medicare Plan Shoppe when they are shopping for Medicare plans in order to be “proactive” with their individual enrollment situation, thus avoiding any penalty.

STILL UNCERTAIN ABOUT the CHOICES?  Medicare Plan Shoppe helps educate anyone from New Philadelphia to Green considering their Medicare Advantage Plan, Medigap supplement policies, and Part D prescription drug plan choices. As an Independent Agency with a company mission of keeping their clients’ best interests as the top priority while researching Medicare enrollment, clients are happy knowing they have a reliable resource to help guide them through the many plans offered within the vast Medicare market. AND OUR SERVICES ARE “NO COST” and “NO OBLIGATION”.  

When people who are turning 65 find that it’s time to for their Medicare enrollment, they may be surprised to find that they have a vast array of choices as opposed to simply obtaining health coverage. This independent agent has access to a wide selection of Medicare insurance companies so they can get competitive rates along with network coverage with Medigap supplemental, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.  With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 each day for the next 12 years, anyone from Medina, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, might feel better knowing that they are not alone in the confusion of picking from all the Medicare choices and that they will find vast experience and knowledge at Medicare Plan Shoppe.

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