Paducah, Kentucky, Finds Affordable RV’s with Easy Financing & Nationwide Delivery at Leonard Truck & Trailer

By Fiona Vernon

Families are sitting in the beauty of the home that they have created trying to stay safe. While they are happy in the safety of their own comforting atmosphere, they long for a new adventure. Even a casual run to the store without feeling like they are putting their life in jeopardy would be nice. They figure that even when it’s deemed safe to venture out that it will still be risky. It’s the perfect time to plan for a different kind of social distancing with a camping adventure. Leonard Truck and Trailer can help those who look forward to a journey on the open road with their affordable RV’s and fifth wheel travel trailers. Not only can this new and used trailer and truck dealer offer complete packages to anyone from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Lansing, Michigan, with easy financing and nationwide delivery, but their 11,000-sf service department keeps customers happy with their replacement parts, maintenance, and accessories. They even have generators that are perfect for camping and install trailer awnings to make life more relaxed in any temperature or situation. Everyone from Dubois, Pennsylvania, to Paducah, Kentucky, can spoil themselves when they are wondering what to do with their income tax refund or stimulus check when they keep their distance by perusing the inventory on the website of Leonard Truck and Trailer. Call 330.538.2112 today!

Perhaps the neighbor pulled into their driveway in their new fifth wheel travel trailer, and it triggered an envious urge in everyone who noticed to invest in themselves this year. Leonard Truck and Trailer offers easy trailer financing and nationwide delivery on already affordable RV’s that help bring that desire to life for anyone rom Lansing to Dubois. One example that can handle the entire family is the 2017 Keystone Travel Trailer with its multiple bunks in the bunk house conversion. It also provides solace during the day when a family isn’t hiking or sitting around a fire by offering an entertainment center in the rear. It also offers extra convenience with two bathrooms. Set up goes smoothly with auto-leveling jacks and provides amazing living space with all five slides in use. This accommodating fifth wheel travel trailer can even be viewed on this new and used trailer dealer’s website!

Want that dream to come true but feel it’s too big a leap since you don’t have the means to pull something? Leonard Truck and Trailer can help with that, too! They are also a dealer of new and used trucks. They can have anyone from Paducahto Cincinnati driving off into the sunset on a much-earned adventure in no time. Spring is not only a great time to plan the next vacation, even if it’s avoiding people, with the nicer weather just around the corner; but it’s also perfect for individuals wondering in what way to best handle their stimulus check or income tax refund. Not only can someone either upgrade or get a new toy at Leonard, but they can rely on the highly experienced service department for every other need from trailer repair and maintenances to replacement parts and accessories.  Need a generator for camping? They have that! Want a stylish and functional trailer awning installed to ease the effects of the summer sun? They have that! Call 330.538.2112 today to inquire how Leonard Truck and Trailer can cater to your adventurous soul!

It doesn’t matter if a family in Dubois, Pennsylvania, is longing to leave their home and find bonding time on the open road in a new fifth wheel travel trailer or an individual in Cincinnati, Ohio, wants to take advantage of a new and used truck and trailer dealer’s affordable RVs. Leonard Truck and Trailer offers nationwide delivery and easy financing. Investing in oneself can sometimes be the only thing that keeps someone mentally stable, so when deciding what to do with an income tax refund or stimulus check, consider either a new way to escape every weekend or smaller upgrades from the extensive trailer service department with replacement parts, accessories, maintenance, repair, awning installation, and even generators for camping.  Everyone from Paducah, Kentucky, to Lansing, Michigan, who wants to assuage that restlessness building up inside them can count on Leonard Truck and Trailer to give them an outlet. Call or visit their website today!

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