Outdoor Lovers in Ashtabula, Ohio, Appreciate the In-House Financing on Snowmobile Trailers at Leonard Truck & Trailer

By Fiona Vernon

People who have a keen sense of adventure don’t let the harsh snow and ice of winter stop them. Just like the individuals whose work takes them outdoors even in the temperatures that horrify people who function indoors. Leonard Truck & Trailer caters to businesses from Racine, Wisconsin, to Youngstown, Ohio, who want to take advantage of end of year tax savings with their impressive inventory of heavy-duty equipment trailers and nationwide delivery.  This local truck and trailer dealership also satisfies the needs of outdoor enthusiasts with their short and long-term rentals on affordable snowmobile trailers, horse trailers with living quarters, and used RVs. Since the staff doesn’t merely sell their products, but also uses them, they offer the complete package with a truck and trailer service department that provides repair, replacement parts, and accessories. They can also offer tips for maintaining a trailer through the damaging effects of harsh weather, pulling a trailer in the winter in snow and ice, and traveling in the winter. Individuals from Ashtabula, Ohio, to Charlotte, North Carolina, who are looking for everything from affordable utility trailers to horse trailers under 20k can count on Leonard Truck & Trailer (330.538.2112) to be the only stop necessary for in-house financing on the most comprehensive service and the best products possible.

Stealth Snowmobile Trailer

Summer isn’t the only time for people to enjoy the wind in their hair. Outdoor enthusiasts from Youngstown to Ashtabula who love the thrill of winter sports will find open and enclosed ATV and snowmobile trailers at excellent prices at Leonard Truck & Trailer. They keep an impressive variety of over 700 affordable trailers on their lot from which to choose for seasonal or year-round business and pleasure — such as the spacious Stealth Snowmobile Trailer, horse trailers with living quarters, 10 horse trailers under 20k, utility trailers, and used RVs. With cold weather settling on most of the country, many construction and service businesses are typically not quite as busy. With the end of the year quickly approaching, they take advantage of the down time to perform maintenance on and upgrade their machinery. Many like to use what is left of their end of year tax savings and can rely on Leonard Truck & Trailer for deals on heavy-duty equipment trailers and nationwide delivery to get the most bang for their buck. This local truck and trailer dealership has been serving the community since 1963 and has a long-standing relationship with banks so that they can offer the best rates and terms in the industry with their in-house trailer financing. Their simple interest loans and extended terms help countless individuals from Charlotte to Racine achieve their goals.

Not only does Leonard Truck & Trailer (330.538.2112) offer short and long-term trailer rentals, but they also have experts for truck and trailer repair, replacement parts, and accessories in their comprehensive service department. Traveling with a trailer in tow in the winter is an entirely different experience than cruising along a dry road, and small details can make each trip safer. One of the best tips for pulling a trailer in winter is to choose tires that grip the road surface for extra traction. Additionally, installing a set of trailer brakes helps to maintain steady control over the load. Avoidance of cruise control will prevent a downshift or acceleration at the wrong time, and there is the obvious advice of remaining alert and driving smoothly. Road salt and extreme cold can cause extensive damage, so it’s important to heed tips for maintaining a trailer in the winter. No one wants to be outside in 20-degree weather washing a trailer but keeping it clean can prevent rust and erosion. Properly maintaining tires during an extended storage can prevent leaking tires and dangerous blowouts. These simple steps will help to give each trailer a long life.

People from Ashtabula, Ohio, to Racine, Wisconsin, expect their equipment to work as hard as they do, and Leonard Truck & Trailer makes this possible with their affordable heavy-duty equipment trailers, horse trailers with living quarters, utility trailers, used RVs, snowmobile trailers, horse trailers under 20k, and so much more. This local truck and trailer dealership staffs a highly trained team of professionals in their service department for replacement parts, accessories, and repairs. Their experts are highly trained at installing new awnings, winterizing trailers, and detailing living quarters trailers. They even offer tips for pulling a trailer through treacherous road conditions and maintaining a trailer to extend its life for those who like or must travel in the winter. They offer benefits with their deals for businesses searching for end of year tax savings, as well as nationwide delivery and in-house financing. Anyone from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Youngstown, Ohio, looking for short and long-term trailer rentals will be highly satisfied with the extensive inventory at Leonard Truck & Trailer!

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