Ohio Tea Company Offers Lake Cable, Ohio, Free Hibiscus Tea Samples, Known to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

By Fiona Vernon

America is a society of those who are learning to listen to the age-old wisdom of holistic and natural remedies alongside the medical world. Many from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Canal Fulton, Ohio, may find that the perfect blend may lie in a combination of both medicinal and herb-based solutions, and Ohio Tea Company not only stocks hundreds of loose-leaf teas, but they also stock many herbs for steeping. This local tea company presents impressive knowledge about the benefits and risks of drinking any tea, including Hibiscus tea, which has been known to lower blood pressure naturally. Whether someone from Lake Cable, Ohio, is interested in free samples of teas for heart health or someone in Toledo, Ohio, enjoys teapots and accessories or tea tasting classes, Ohio Tea Company features the knowledge and products that allow any customer to discover relaxing and exciting flavors.

Ohio Tea Company caters to teetotalers from Toledo to Canal Fulton who love to enjoy tea while entertaining friends or every morning. Tea lovers know that tea offers health benefits as well as a mental break during a busy day. This local tea company offers a wide variety of herbs for steeping in addition to loose-leaf tea, as well as the knowledge of the benefits of drinking both for medicinal reasons. A vast array of benefits and risks exist for drinking Hibiscus tisanes and tea, with one of the biggest benefits being that it may lower blood pressure naturally. This tea for heart health is an edible flower species that has thousands of related varieties. Many residents of Africa, Asia, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Middle East consume it as a beverage. When steeped, hibiscus is bold red in color and can be enjoyed hot or cold and will be enjoyed the most by individuals who love a tartness that is comparable to that of cranberry juice; however, it can be tempered with a touch of honey to make it amenable for anyone!

According to a review by the University of Arizona, Hibiscus tea is used in 10 or more countries as a normal treatment for hypertension without any reported adverse side effects using the normal doses of two to three cups a day. Those users trust it because it has been shown to lower blood pressure naturally without the side effects that medicines may cause. An additional study also noted that drinking hibiscus tea also lowered LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides. Pregnant women should not drink hibiscus tea, as it can cause premature labor and menstruation. Additionally, individuals with diabetes and hypoglycemia should avoid it as it may lower blood sugar and interact with diabetes medications. Anyone from Portage Lakes to Lake Cable can try a free hibiscus tea sample at Ohio Tea Company, which makes about four to five cups of tea. This local tea company introduces Hibiscus Matcha with monk fruit extract as a natural sweetener. Even those who don’t think that they like matcha should try this blend in a shaker and ice for a refreshing summer beverage. Ohio Tea Company is also offering 15% off Hibiscus Tisanes in-store until July 31, 2018, when any customer mentions this blog or their email. Customers love enjoying the new products and vast knowledge, in addition to the beautiful teapots, tea accessories, and tea tasting classes that can be found at Ohio Tea Company. De Flowers had this to say:

“*Wonderful* shop to have here in NE Ohio! Twice, now, you’ve come to my rescue with some tea I need for a gift and *No One* else has! Wonderfully friendly folds behind the counter who are always going above and beyond with service and kindness. I can’t say enough about this local small business! You are the perfect example of what people look for in retail service!”

Some individuals prefer a more holistic approach to their health and will try teas for heart health, digestion issues, weight loss, and anxiety before they take medications. Each person must be aware that each human body responds differently and that they must research the benefits and risks of any potential remedy. Drinking Hibiscus tea and tisanes may help to lower blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides naturally, and Ohio Tea Company has free tea samples and discounts throughout July so that anyone from Canal Fulton, Ohio, to Lake Cable, Ohio, can determine if it is something that they would enjoy. Not only does this local tea company have hundreds of loose-leaf teas and herbs for steeping, but they also stock a vast array attractive teapots and tea accessories, in addition to their frequently scheduled tea tasting classes. Teetotalers from Toledo, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, can visit Ohio Tea Company for refreshing, healthy beverages!

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