Ohio-Based Direct Action Company Discusses the Importance of Electrolyte Replacement for Horses

It’s safe to say that we’ve reached the peak of the summer season. Despite some strong storms and cool mornings, the temperatures are hotter than ever. And that humidity can prove to be extremely dangerous for both humans and animals alike! That’s why so many horse owners have started to search for horse hydration tips in order to keep their animals from succumbing to the summer heat and becoming dehydrated. As this condition can be very damaging to a horse’s health, Ohio-based Direct Action Company has made it their mission to spread the word about equine electrolytes and how important electrolyte replacement is during these scorching summer days. By taking DAC’s advice and purchasing Electro-Aid from your nearest Missouri, Georgia, or Colorado horse supplement dealer, you can help to recharge your horses and prevent a number of serious conditions that result from low electrolyte levels.

As a horse owner or trainer, you probably have at least a basic understanding of how a horse’s body works. When it comes to staying cool despite extreme temperatures like those we’re experiencing in the Missouri, Georgia, and Colorado areas, horses utilize sweat. The act of sweating helps to release energy from the skin and decrease their core temperature; however, it also means that they’re losing a large amount of water and electrolytes in the process. In order to keep your horses healthy, you need to make sure that fluids and electrolytes are frequently replenished.

Dr. Stephen Duren of Performance Horse Nutrition has a few horse hydration tips that everyone should follow year-round, particularly when the temperatures are as high as they are now.

First, you should always provide your horses with free access to fresh, clean water. This seems like common sense, but it’s vital to remember the basics of proper horse care.

Next, if you’re offering your horses water that they’re unfamiliar with, try to mask any unusual odors with a flavoring of some sort. Since keeping your horses hydrated is of the utmost importance, it won’t help if your animals are wary of the water you set out for them.

Dr. Duren also suggests giving your horses a quiet place to refill their bodies with H2O. It’s crucial that each horse have the opportunity to drink without being disrupted by the others, so make sure that they are able to get to the watering hole easily.

If one or more of your horses are tentative drinkers, be sure to wet their feed so they are able to get the liquid they need through hay and grains.

These horse hydration tips are certainly worth noting, particularly during the summer months, but you also need to think about electrolyte replacement. Since water doesn’t provide the equine electrolytes your horses need to function properly, you may want to talk to your nearest horse supplement dealer about purchasing DAC’s Electro-Aid. The electrolyte replacement product from this Ohio-based company is filled with potassium, magnesium, chloride, calcium and sodium—some of the main equine electrolytes lost through sweat. By incorporating Electro-Aid into your horses’ daily regimen, you can give them the correct balance of salts to keep them in tip-top shape regardless of the heat and effects of sweating.

Ohio-based Direct Action Company is always providing horse owners with helpful horse hydration and basic health tips, so keep an eye out for additional information on how to keep your horses in good condition! If you’d like to learn more about equine electrolytes and the importance of electrolyte replacement this time of year, visit www.feeddac.com. But if you’re eager to put the animals in your Missouri, Georgia, or Colorado stables on Electro-Aid, call DAC at 800.921.9121 to find a horse supplement dealer near you.

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