Obtain Affordable Snow Removal and Ice Management Services Wilkshire Enterprises LLC near Dover

Wilkshire Enterprises_LogoAlthough freshly fallen snow is beautiful to look at, it can make exiting a long or steep driveway in the Dover, Ohio area difficult. Should you manage to exit your driveway with the snow still on the ground, the packed snow could result in a buildup of ice. Left unmanaged, ice could continue to build up and make your extended drive area more dangerous. Even without a buildup of ice on your driveway, managing the snow that falls on your property isn’t always easy—especially if you lack the time or ability to do it yourself. Luckily, Wilkshire Enterprises LLC offers an array of property maintenance services to assist with all of your lawn care needs in the Canton, Ohio area and beyond. During the winter months, these services include residential snow removal and ice management services. Do you own a commercial property in the Massillon, Ohio or New Philadelphia, Ohio area that could benefit from these services as well? Wilkshire Enterprises LLC is happy to offer commercial snow removal services and more alongside the residential services they offer.

After all, you need your business to be accessible to your customers throughout the year. During the aftermath of a bad enough snow storm, entering the parking lot of your business could be exceptionally difficult—and hazardous! With the commercial snow removal and ice management services offered by Wilkshires Enterprise LLC, you can have your properties parking lot and walk ways cleared for your customers and employees. Furthermore, clearing snow from these areas frequently and efficiently can reduce the amount of ice buildup that can occur in areas where many individuals will be walking or driving. In turn, this will help reduce the chances of an ice related accident from occurring on your commercial property in the Canton, Massillon, or New Philadelphia area this coming winter.

Wilkshire Enterprises_Snow DrivewayWilkshire Enterprises LLC offers residential snow removal services and more to alongside these quality commercial services to assist homeowners in the Dover area –and across the region—wit h property maintenance. Through these maintenance services, they can have the snow and ice properly removed from main traffic areas outside of your home to help make your drive way or walk areas more accessible. With the holidays fast approaching, you want to have your sidewalks and drive areas cleared for guests who may be soon arriving. However, many homeowners are still looking to decorate their home before the holidays arrive. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to hang light along their roof or set up the decorations they have the way they once could. The knowledgeable staff members of Wilkshire Enterprises LLC understand this, and that is why they are happy to offer professional holiday decorating services alongside the other property maintenance services they provide throughout the year.

In fact, this family-owned business near Dover, Ohio can assist with everything from wreath hanging to exterior lighting to help bring holiday spirit to your home’s exterior using your own decorations. Best of all, these services can be combined with their other services – including residential snow removal—  to help maintain your New Philadelphia, Ohio or Canton, Ohio area property this winter. Once the holiday season is over, they can even assist in the removal of these items to be set aside for future seasons. Don’t forget, Wilkshire Enterprises LLC offers commercial snow removal and ice management services to keep your business property well managed throughout the winter months as well! If you’re from the Massillon, Ohio or surrounding area and would like to learn more about the property maintenance services this local business offers, visit www.wilkshireenterprise.com. Otherwise, feel free to call 330.754.3344 to speak to one of their knowledgeable staff members and schedule your free service estimate today!

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