Not Fade Away Glass Emporium Provides the Benefits of CBD Oils and Edibles for Portage Lakes, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals love to immerse themselves in the past and become nostalgic about their lives. Not Fade Away Glass Emporium can help anyone from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, bring the bright colors of the 60s into their modern lives with everything from decorative patches for clothes and Grateful Dead paraphernalia to hand-blown glass tobacco hand pipes. This local hippie store and smoke boutique provides everything necessary to match the atmosphere of love, and equality so that individuals can feel the freedom of the era with a variety of products — including children and adult tie-dye clothes, tapestries, and incense with holders. This local head shop also offers the benefits of CBD with a variety of oils and edibles aimed at easing the symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, and cancer, as well as the benefit of being anti-inflammatory.  They also stock a vast array of vape pens, hookahs, and rolling papers. Everyone from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, looking for anything from hippie clothes to a variety of methods of consuming CBD can take the short drive to Not Fade Away Glass Emporium (330.835.4707) to fulfill their hippie needs!

The 1960s was the decade that changed the nation with a president and civil rights leader representing hope being assassinated and musicians carefully choosing the wording of their songs to show their support of political and social protests. The youth felt that their parents’ traditional ideals weren’t enough to survive anymore, rebelling by letting their hair grow and wearing unusual clothing. Not Fade Away Glass Emporium provides everything necessary for individuals from Independence to Portage Lakes to create their own atmosphere of freedom with their Grateful Dead paraphernalia, adult and children’s tie-dye clothes, colorful tapestries, and incense with fun and creative holders. They even carry decorative patches that are perfect for embellishing a favorite jean jacket, jeans, and any other hippie clothes with symbols of the 60s, such as peace signs, smiley faces, and the “V” hand sign. Anyone looking for a hippie store will be transported back in time when they walk through the doors of Not Fade Away Glass Emporium.

This local head shop and smoke boutique also boasts a large variety of hand-blown glass hand tobacco pipes, hookahs, and rolling papers, in addition to vape pens, CBD oils, and CBD edibles so that clients can take advantage of the benefits of CBD. Their CBD products contain no THC and is non-addictive. Humans have an endocannabinoid system that is vital to their health and well-being, regulating key aspects of human biology, such as homeostasis of everything from temperature to sugar levels. Cannabinoid receptors are found on the surface of cells, and endocannabinoids are small molecules that activate those receptors. The body naturally forms endocannabinoids in response to infection or physical damage then are destroyed by enzymes when they are no longer needed. CBD can help ease cancer symptoms, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain. Not Fade Away Glass Emporium (330.835.4707) supplies the products necessary for those from Bath to New Philadelphia exploring methods of consuming CBD.

Not Fade Away Glass Emporium is not only a local head shop and smoke boutique that supplies a vast array of products — such as hand-blown glass tobacco hand pipes, rolling papers, vape pens, and hookahs — but they are also a cool hippie store with adult and children’s tie-dye clothes, incense and holders, Grateful Dead paraphernalia, and decorative patches for clothes. Their tapestries can brighten any room with their medley of stunning colors and designs. They can also provide the benefits of CBD with their impressive assortment of oils and edibles that can help ease the symptoms of anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, and inflammation. Anyone from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to New Philadelphia, Ohio, looking for supplies for a vast array of methods of consuming CBD or some new hippie clothes will love the feeling they get with one visit to Not Fade Away Glass Emporium.
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